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Unraid 6.9.2 - Docker container not reachable over the Internet with IPv6

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I have a problem accessing my reverse proxy (Docker container - Swag) after installing the 6.9.2 update.

When I try to open the domain through the browser, I get the error message (ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED).

The Docker container swag was installed with the custom network proxynet as in the video by SpaceinvaderOne and worked with Unraid version 6.9.1 without any problems.

The server is connected to the outside via DSlite using IPv6.

If you need log files I am willing to create them.  

I hope someone can help me to solve my problem.

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I too can't access my Nginx via IPv6 anymore after updating to UnRAID 6.9.2. Connecting via IPv4 still works fine.

I had no problem with my config in 6.8.3, 6.9.0 and 6.9.1.


Is there a way to fix it or is this something that will get fixed in a future UnRAID update?


EDIT: I did some digging and came across this pull request that was merged in Docker 20.10.2: https://github.com/moby/libnetwork/pull/2604

As UnRAID 6.9.2 switched from an older version than 20.10.2 to 20.10.5 it also includes this change and as such IPv6 isn't forwarded by default anymore.


There is a fix merged: https://github.com/moby/libnetwork/pull/2608 but it's not implemented in the 20.10.5 release.

It's fixed with 20.10.6 tho, see release notes: https://docs.docker.com/engine/release-notes/

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