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Howto share docker on dockerhub and then in community apps in unraid?


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I have written an ntp server which can serve local time  LTC instead of UTC. It is usefull for dummy devices, that can not handle time zone, day light and so on. I am using it with ip cameras, that always messed their clocks even when synchronized with ntp server.

I this case you can set utc zone with no day light saving and connect to my ntp server. My ntp server takes local time for OS so it is always handled correctly by the os.


I would like to share this docker image, I have it running on my unraid. I was reading about making docker and I have docker hub account, but it is unclear for me howto  make proper unraid image.

It is even more unclear howto make it easy to install on unraid via community plugin, so paths and configuration option appear in unraid automatically?

Can You provide some good tutorial? There are many tutorials, but very few that are reliable :/


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