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Network / Internet Access Issues

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Hi Guys, I'm hoping you can help me. 


I'm trying to setup a VM, I've done it successfully in the past but now stumped, I'm not an expert, but I have found and followed most of spaceinvader one's videos (which are fantastic btw),


I have created two vms, one with GPU passed through perfectly (thanks spaceinvader one!!!) and one without. (both windows 10 pro although I haven't activated the licences for either of them yet yet)


They both seem to be functioning windows VMs, however they are both struggling to access the internet / network, properly?


Firstly when I try connect to my unraid's shares, I get an error message, (In the past I found adjusting The lanman workstation setting "Enable insecure guest logons" to fix this, but hasn't worked this time, and I'm not sure it is the most secure thing to do) 


Then the troubles continue, So I can open MS Edge and search for something in Bing /google, both search engines work and return plenty of results, however when I click on a search result, the web browser times out and cannot connect?


What have I done/ tried? 

I have downloaded the latest virtio driver package, 

I have installed the network interface, 

I've installed the Guest Agent,

I have checked Unraid's network interface, I only use one NIC eth0 (my eth1 isn't plugged into anything) I've checked Enable bridging = Yes, and the members of br0 = eth0, 

I have check in the VM manager, the default network bridge = br0, 

In the VM setting page, I have assigned network bridge = br0, 

I have check the DNS server Setting within the VM = Auto, (I have even set it to, &


I'm going mad, I beg that someone can provide me some insight and discover what I have done wrong, it just doesn't make sense that its almost working perfectly,


I have thrown in a few screen shots, and hoping something stands out and someone can highlight a setting/ property I have stupidly overlooked or set incorrectly.



Many thanks in advance 


(PS Im running Unraid 6.9.1)





Network Interface eth0.png

VM Device Manager.png

VM Ethernet Properties.png

VM Manager Settings.png

VM Network Settings.png

VM Network.png

VM Settings.png

VM Webbrowser.png

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