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redistribution of disk occupation

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I recently added a 12TB drive to my UnRaid. And I replaced it with the parity disk which was 10TB.
My current situation is:
1st - 3TB used at 88%
2nd - 3TB used at 88%
3rd - 3TB used at 79%
4th - 3TB used at 79%
5th - 10TB used at 22%
Parity - 12TB


How can I automatically bring the 3TB disks below the 75% threshold by moving the content to the 10TB one?

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The other disks aren't dangerously full and with user shares it doesn't matter all that much which disk a file is on. You can adjust the thresholds for all disks in Disk Settings, or for a specific disk by clicking on the disk to get to its settings page.


There is no "automatic" way to do what you ask. There are several manual approaches.


unBALANCE plugin can probably help with this.

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