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SSD / more speed / mover drive size / WD External 10TB is a myth now?

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Is it feasible to convert my unraid array to all SSD's now at all? Now that we have some really nice 2280 sized NVMe 4TB SSDs that are possibly obtainable is there a reason why this cannot happen? I have an 82TB Unraid box with 19TB free. It is real hard to see how fast these PCIe NVMe SSD's are and not using them in an all build for the speed and function. How is this feasible and can it be done with the current technology out there now? Does the Kernel support triming and zeroing out unused space and all that jazz.


Right now in the immediate I do not use the mover command or have a drive for it. The largest drive in my array is 10TB. Does my mover drive have to be the max size of my parity drive if I just wanted to put in a mover drive temporarily? Any suggestions on a high speed mover drive?


I'm STILL waiting for Western Digital to drop their prices on their external 10TB drive to $159. All last year we were buying them for that price and they have yet to come out with one at that price. Last but not least what controller card can Unraid support that raises the drive speeds to over 6Gbps? I just want more speed out of my Unraid system and I'm not sure how to achieve it.



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