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Best/right way of copying data within the CLI from unassigned devices to pool

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I have setup an Unraid server and mounted a ZFS pool of the old installation. Now I want to copy data from the old disks to the new UNRAID pool.

I have seen a defects report which is saying you should not copy data around within the unraid pool from one disk to the other in a shell. So I am wonder what the best recommended way is to move data from an unassigned device to the unraid pool?

Are there any more Do's/Don'ts while working on inside the shell? 

Should I use /mnt/user0 , /mnt/user or /mnt/diskX as target for the copy? If that matters, I want to use rsync for the copy.

Does unraid transparently handle copying data which would exceed one target disk in size, i.e. copy 5TB data onto a pool consisting of 2 x 3T drives plus parity?

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