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Since building my unraid machine this last week I have had the "opportunity" to run two parity checks.  I am trying to understand the results I am getting (parity history attached below).  The first parity check showed 168 errors.  The second showed only 36.  Is this a good sign that the number went down I assume?  What would this indicate?


Also, I have three matching 8TB disk.  1 parity with the other two being data.  Disk 2 is what seems to be giving me error.  It gives an error count of 168 on the main tab.  With the newest check saying only 36 errors reported why does this still say 168 and where do I look to find what kind of errors they are?  I have also attached the smart report for it.  It shows 2 uncorrectable errors which is another thing I am not quite sure what that means?


Parity History

Date                            Duration                      Speed       Status  Errors

2021-04-16, 09:25:49    12 hr, 55 min, 48 sec   171.9 MB/s    OK       36

2021-04-10, 04:51:25     12 hr, 28 min, 55 sec   178.1 MB/s    OK       168






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Coincidentally I have a similar challenge. 


I recently purchased a bunch of used SAS drives, stood Unraid, migrated a bunch of data over and decided to look into disk health.


All drives check out with SMART Health Status: OK however when I dig deeper I see Non-medium error count ranges from 0 all the way up into the millions.


I'm going to keep an eye on the error rate to see if it increases but I'm wondering if the Non-Medium errors are from the previous owner?


I recall reading somewhere that smart errors get permanently recorded to the drive and that threes no way to clear them.


Would love to hear anyones thoughts.


Thanks in advance

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