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[SOLVED] Crashing every few days

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Hey @JorgeB, Thanks for your help again. I went ahead and ran XFS_Repair on MD6 and it seems to have resolved that issue. I did find that in that latest set of panics I saw and in some more today that it kept referencing the qbittorrent-nox process from the qbittorrent docker. I stopped that docker and I'm going to let the server run for a few days and see if the crashes stop. 

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So the crashes are back. I've been mirroring the syslog to my flash drive and this is what it's collected (see attached). I've run memtest86 on it multiple times hoping it was a simple memory issue, but it isn't reporting anything. I've been researching everything in the log I don't recognize but I'm coming up blank :(


Edit: Added a diag too




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13 hours ago, shinta148 said:

but it isn't reporting anything

Yep, don't see anything logged about that, one more thing you can try it to boot the server in safe mode with all docker/VMs disable, let it run as a basic NAS for a few days, if it still crashes it's likely a hardware problem, if it doesn't start turning on the other services one by one.

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@JorgeB Hey man, Thanks for taking the time to look. I've removed the server from the rack and tossed it on my desk and have it hooked up now with all but 2 of the sticks of RAM removed. So far going on 18 hours with 0 error. I'm going to let it sit until Wednesday when some new RAM I ordered comes in, but so far it looks like a hardware issue. 


If I don't see any crashes until I'm ready to swap the RAM out I'll mark the topic resolved. 

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  • JorgeB changed the title to [SOLVED] Crashing every few days

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