Upgrading drives, need help

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I currently have 8 data drives and 2 parity drives. All drives are 12Tb except 2 of the data drives are 6Tb. I would like to replace both of the 6Tb drives with 12Tb drives. I thought I read somewhere that I could do that, and maintain parity the entire time so it would not require a parity check, but I can't find that info again. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. 

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Upgrading the size of a drive requires rebuilding the drive contents onto the larger one.   In theory you could do both at. the same time with dual parity but then you would not be protected against another drive failing while doing this.    From your statement I assume you want to remain protected against another drive failing during this process,? If so it would simply mean doing each of them in turn.   That means it will take twice as long but I assume that time is not the key factor?   You should also ensure you have valid parity on both parity disks before attempting this.


I have just checked the online documentation and I notice that it does not explicitly have a section to. cover rebuilding a disk that has not failed because you simply want to i replace it with a larger disk.   I will add this later today to make it clear that is just a variant of the rebuild you do if the disk to be replaced had instead failed.



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Thanks for the info. I definately want to maintain protection while I am doing it. So I guess I will go the long way around. I remeber doing 2 drives at a time before when I was upgrading and I thought that since I had the 2 original drives still intact it portected me against another dropping while I was doing the rebuild as I could just throw the originals back in to rebuild the one that died? If that is not the case, then I will do them one at a time. If you could shoot me a link to the info after you update it I would really appreciate it! Thanks for the hard work!

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