Automatically delete files in a share that are older than x days

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Is there anyway to setup an automated process to delete files older than a set number of days from one specific share? My use case would be the following:


Have 24/7 CCTV footage written to separate cache pool

Have mover transfer files to the array once a day to save on continuous writing

Keep footage archived for 30 days, then deleted automatically


This way, I would always have a month worth of footage I could go back to at anytime. Is this possible? I feel like this is probably a user script kind of thing, but I have little to know knowledge of how to use scripts let alone write them.



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On 9/10/2021 at 1:50 AM, Flemming said:

Bumping this because I have the exact same usecase.

Did you find anything @jebusfreek666?

Not really. I am pretty sure this can be handled with a user script, though I am not an expert by any means. In my case, I am starting to think I will just use dedicated unassigned disks or possibly a cache pool instead. Depending on the number of cameras I end up with and the quality of the video, this could be a rather large amount of data. And expecting mover to handle that much every day might be asking a bit much. 

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