WinServer2019 Vm from Esxi to Unraid

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I am trying to get a Win Server 2019 VM from an Esxi installation moved to Unraid.

First, I tried to stop the VM on Esxi and copied the vmdk file to the Unraid Server. Using

qemu-img convert -p -f vmdk -O raw <vmdkfile> <vmdkfilename>.img

gives following error “could not open vmdk file, invalid VMDK image descriptor”.


Next, I tried to export the VM from Esxi as OVA file but this does not work. It always quits the export.


Now I create a full Backup using the Windows server Backup, fine. I created a new Winserver2019 iso including this WindowsImageBackup.

The new Unraid VM starts fine (seabios, 16GB, 100GB HDD) starts fine. On the 2nd setupside I click the repair options, troubleshooting, and Recreate from system image. The Image is found and the wants to format the new hdd. The system image shows the EFI, c:/  and an other partition. When I proceed to format the drive, the system stops with an error message I can not reinstall an EFi system on a BIOS system. Any ideas?

When I create the Unraid VM with OMVF then I end up seeing the BIOS shell.

Thanks for any help


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