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  1. Hello, I am trying to get a Win Server 2019 VM from an Esxi installation moved to Unraid. First, I tried to stop the VM on Esxi and copied the vmdk file to the Unraid Server. Using qemu-img convert -p -f vmdk -O raw <vmdkfile> <vmdkfilename>.img gives following error “could not open vmdk file, invalid VMDK image descriptor”. Next, I tried to export the VM from Esxi as OVA file but this does not work. It always quits the export. Now I create a full Backup using the Windows server Backup, fine. I created a new Winserver2019 iso including this WindowsImageBackup. The new Unraid VM starts fine (seabios, 16GB, 100GB HDD) starts fine. On the 2nd setupside I click the repair options, troubleshooting, and Recreate from system image. The Image is found and the wants to format the new hdd. The system image shows the EFI, c:/ and an other partition. When I proceed to format the drive, the system stops with an error message I can not reinstall an EFi system on a BIOS system. Any ideas? When I create the Unraid VM with OMVF then I end up seeing the BIOS shell. Thanks for any help Jann
  2. Hello, I have it working on the local network, allfine. How do I have to configure the letsencrypdt nginx proxy-conf for subdomains? When I try to access it from the outside, I end on the standard nginx Message "Welcome to our Server" Thank you very much for your help Janndr
  3. Just installed it with privileged mode, my cache is btrfs. No Problem to run a backup of a small Win 7 VM. Will do more tests next week. I run a Xeon E3-1220 v5, 32 GB Ram Unraid 6.7.0 Best regards janndr
  4. Hello, since last week rocket.chat server will not start. It says replica set required. any idea how to solve this? thank you very much