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  1. Hi Bonistir, How was the back-up made and what have you backed up? Only the folders? Most of the settings and data is stored in the DB itself. Do you have a site that you can take a new backup from? If, I suggest using "Duplicator PRO" (a WP plugin), it will clone the whole site + DB and handle all the permissions. Also I use on my unraid "duplicati" docker container to back up the folders both for WP and DB. Though, If it is a heavy site with a lot of traffic you should take a DB snapshot and back up that instead of the DB folder. Only copy and past the fol
  2. Need to know how you have set it up, are you on a domain? Is it on local server? How did you install it? on the local or the domain? The problem with WP (or not really a problem) is that WP stores the information in the DB so if you installed it on the local server all pages is going try to redirect to So if you have a domain install WP after you have setup the domain and got it working. Kru-X
  3. Hi matthew42904, What do you mean by 80? is that What it redirects you to when you click the Icon in Unraid? What happens if you try to add http://yourip:port the browser search bar? Eg http://192/168.1.100:8081 Kru-X
  4. Thanks' for that Jowi, good tutorial and even if you don't understand French (as me) it shows the settings. Kru-X
  5. Hi Fonso_s, Did you ever get it up and running? I just today realized that the WordPress container has change and now wont create the DB as I told you. You where on the right track and I have now added the WORDPRESS_DB_NAME to the template. Sorry for all the headaches. Kru-X
  6. It looks right what you have done, did you delete the WP folder in between since you try to install the first time. IMPORTANT It was av while since I did it , but you shouldn't need to add the wp DB/table manually. WP takes care of that on installation. Also you could try to add in the mariaDb template the root password. Eg set the password "mypass" and the in the Wp template add "root" as user and "mypass" as password. And as you seem confident using Table Plus, you can always create a user manually and give that user full access and add that to the WP template bu
  7. Are you using the same DB as nextcloud? I suggest that you use a separate DB for each container eg one for the WordPress container. Just add a new mariaDB container with a different port then leave the user and password blank in the WP template (of course adjust for the ip and port). Then WP will be able to connect to the DB with as the "root" user and it will create the DB base named "wordpress" inside the MariaDB automatically. Please read through previous threads, you got a lot of similar problems that you have, explained. Let me know how it goes,
  8. Hi Fonso_s, Great choice and welcome to the community. What DB are u using? MariaDB? Try to leave the DB user & password blank. It's most likely the privileges to the DB, they must be right. On a new install off the MariaDB the user is "root" and the password non. If u want to use your own you have to set them "as per your template" in the DB. Hope that helps and let me know if it won't work. Kru-x
  9. Hi Dancue, Thanks for letting us know and I am sorry to hear about your mishap. But on the same note I am glad that I gave a good advice (even if it was not followed ;-). You are not the only one that have wanted to run one DB, but I never got that as it is simpler and more workable with one for each, I have always set it up that way. I also backup my DB every 6hours and WP-folder once a day(really an overkill but it doesn't cost anything so why not). Just be aware that you should really (if you have lots of traffic or vital data) not do it this way, if some
  10. Hi LewJ, I use the htaccess method and there is several articles about it, just google it. I guess the bigger issue is how to edit files in WP (or any other containers) and it is quite easy, you just ssh in to unraid and edit any file in your favorite editor. So if you are on Mac, I used "Fork Lift" as my ssh client to find and work with the files, and edit them with "Visual Studio Code" now in windows I use only VS-code as there is an ssh client as a plugin. I use the unraid console all the time, but it is only for finding files, peeking in to containers etc.
  11. Hi Booman, I love constructive feedback, thank you. There is a biiig problem with the container and the template, that is that it is too many options and as you said you can choose to leave them blank or fill them in. That makes for confusion. I should possibly remove the DB specific varibles and let people figure out the WP installation, then the problem is going to be the DB side of it and that is equally confusing. If you look at there is tons of setting and options, what and what not should we use? I think
  12. The plugin is WP specific and wont bother about what operating system you have, and/or it is all linux anyway when you are working with a docker container. You dont need a new container, it just depends on how many instances you need. Duplicator overwrites everything, even the DB. You just remove/delete all files from your WP root folder and put the two files exported from Duplicator, then you open the installation.php in your browser and follow the instructions. Duplicator will change everything needed. Takes a few minutes. I Duplicate my live site onto my laptop where
  13. Hi SPOautos, You are on the right track in your understanding. I can only tell you how I work and what I found best, I am sure others would have different opinions. But wordpress works as if you add a page or any redirects to a page/photo/shopping basket or whatever, it saves that value or "link" in the database, so if you have it installed on thats the pointer that is saved. You have to convert those values to the right ones as in the link you refer to if you move/migrate the site. The easiest way I find and the plugin that I use is "Duplicator Pro", it is
  14. There is a setting (andvanced) in the template where you can manually assign the ip:port fore the webgui, I can also recommend that you to read throught this thread. Re: changing IP/ports, you can and will run in to problem when and if you change port other than what you installed WP on. Several posts erlier speaks about this and some run in to weird problems with this. But it has a logic explaniation and as long as you play it right it works fine. Kru-x