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  1. Hi Booman, I love constructive feedback, thank you. There is a biiig problem with the container and the template, that is that it is too many options and as you said you can choose to leave them blank or fill them in. That makes for confusion. I should possibly remove the DB specific varibles and let people figure out the WP installation, then the problem is going to be the DB side of it and that is equally confusing. If you look at there is tons of setting and options, what and what not should we use? I think
  2. The plugin is WP specific and wont bother about what operating system you have, and/or it is all linux anyway when you are working with a docker container. You dont need a new container, it just depends on how many instances you need. Duplicator overwrites everything, even the DB. You just remove/delete all files from your WP root folder and put the two files exported from Duplicator, then you open the installation.php in your browser and follow the instructions. Duplicator will change everything needed. Takes a few minutes. I Duplicate my live site onto my laptop where
  3. Hi SPOautos, You are on the right track in your understanding. I can only tell you how I work and what I found best, I am sure others would have different opinions. But wordpress works as if you add a page or any redirects to a page/photo/shopping basket or whatever, it saves that value or "link" in the database, so if you have it installed on thats the pointer that is saved. You have to convert those values to the right ones as in the link you refer to if you move/migrate the site. The easiest way I find and the plugin that I use is "Duplicator Pro", it is
  4. There is a setting (andvanced) in the template where you can manually assign the ip:port fore the webgui, I can also recommend that you to read throught this thread. Re: changing IP/ports, you can and will run in to problem when and if you change port other than what you installed WP on. Several posts erlier speaks about this and some run in to weird problems with this. But it has a logic explaniation and as long as you play it right it works fine. Kru-x
  5. Hi there, More i say 🙂, but no worries. Some difficult questions and an answer that I hate is, "it all depends on". But as a staging or beta server this setup is perfect (at least for me), I develop on my laptop/desktop and the are all runnig the same system, mysql & Wordpress in docker containers. I move my sites around with Duplicatior pro. I can fire up as many as I like and delete them when I am done with them. I also host one site on my unraid and sync the DB to a Beta server in the cloud as I am about to move it. I would be carefull if I stored customers
  6. What's the problem? Check this post screenshots: but leave the network to bridged. And remove the --link property. Kru-x
  7. Sorry I answered a little bit too quick and now when I have read your post properly: I have seen several time that when people uses custom networks it fails, I would set it to bridged and remove the custom IP, next remove the link option and try. Ones you got it working then try with custom networks, but I think that is the problem. Kru-x
  8. If you are talkiing about the WP template, just leave all settings referring to the DB blank, then you will be presented with WordPress installation where you can choose DB name and location. Delete the folders in between. Kru-x
  9. Hi dancue, You need to read up a bit on how Docker works, then you will understand the setup better. You should not edit the files in the container as those files are changed every time you update or restart, the /var/www/html path is inside the container and has nothing to do with Forklift that is a ftp/ssh client that you can connect too Unraid with. You can use the Console (click on the WordPress icon) in Unraid to connect into the container, but much of the time you shouldn't need to, and changes there would definitely change during restart or update. You say "copyi
  10. Wordpress is not connecting to the database, probably wrong settings for the DB. Look at the screen shot in this post. its more or less leave all settings blank, Wordpress wants to connect to the DB with root access to have full access, if you add a name and password you have to manually go in to the DB and adjust those. Kru-x
  11. You worked it out, it needs to be http in NPM as it is pointing to the internal adress that is just that, not the external one. Glad you figured it out. Kru-x
  12. Take a deep breath, its a computer and you need to start think like one. 🙂 It do exactly what it should do, when it is on the domain, why would you need to reach it from you ip. First time when you installed it on your ip and a browser request a page, WP (the server returns) hey browser you can find the css at 192.blblabla/css, it cant because obviously its not there, you said some devices could and was probably due to that you where connected to your local network with it. A browser on a laptop have better security so it will complain it it see something weird as in this case. The same goes
  13. That’s probably your issues, its the redirects I’ve been talking about. WP stores most in the db, so if you installed it on your ip, it is trying to redirect to Easiest is to sort out you domain first and the start the installation from there. Read previous post in this thread, it explains it well. kru-x