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  1. Hi Jurak, Im not familiar with cloudflare but it seems to me that you have a redirect problem. Have you emtied the cache or tried in a incognito tab? What proxy are u using? Kru-x
  2. Hi RichardU, FTP in to your unraid server is possible but I would not recommend it. Not sure about your requirement and systems, but I use windows and connect via a SSH client (Mobaxterm) and there is plenty of other clients for both win and mac (FileZilla is an SSH client as well, have tried it a few times, but find it bloated). When I want to edit files directly I have setup an SHH client in VS Code and can edit the files directly. You should have SSH enabled by default, if not, it is easy to enable it reading the manual. That's all you have to do if you are working on your local network, if you need remote access just setup WireGuard and use a VPN to connect to your network and work the same as above. A VPN is way more secure than FTP and both involves opening up ports to the world! Hope it helps, Kru-x
  3. Hi Dirtyrobot, No any extra configurations should not be needed, I assume you have setup a mail system in WP? Kru-x
  4. Hi Tolete, Yes it is usually a read and write permission issue, check "Health Check" In WordPress, it will tell you what access it is missing. Cant remember exactly what permission WP requires but a quick google search on the subject will tell you. Regards, Kru-x
  5. Hi Drago Prime, Did you install WordPress locally and then tried to add it to Nginx Proxy manager? One of the biggest problem people have with this docker, the easiest is to delete WordPress & DB folders, then make sure you can reach the WP installation screen on your domain b4 you install WP. Hope it helps, Kru-x
  6. Hi ptsiampas, As you said I have not updated this template for years and I am not using wekan for the moment, other tasks got in the way. It is a shame as it is a useful program for people needing it and it should be kept better than I do it. If you care to look after it and improve and keep the support thread up, please be my guest and I will remove my template in favours for yours and point this thread to you. Let me know if you do, R Kru-x
  7. Hi Aehryn, You most likely installed it locally and has a reference in the DB to port 80 (Tower's Main page default port). Its fine to install it locally (port dependent) when you only using it locally but not so when wanting to use it behind a revers proxy. Remove containers and make it work with the proxy b4 you install it from the WP installation screen. Browse through previous posts in this thread, its problem people run in to often. R Kru-x
  8. Hi Jurak, Odd, have you tried to log in from another system (InPrivate window) sounds like a cache problem to me. Or if not it is most likely a DB problem, is it pointing to an empty DB the first time you install? R Kru-x
  9. I am about to build a woo-commerce site and believe I need it for that, thought bitnami/wordpress-nginx would help me but to no avail. Ill keep looking, Kru-x
  10. I stand corrected! Just playing with the container bitnami/wordpress-nginx and they do exactly what you are suggesting and they know what they are talking about, so I am for sure wrong in my assumptions. Haven't given it much thought before and has not seen the need for it but might have to reconsider. Kru-x
  11. Have you given the user "wordpress" full read and write access to the "wordpress" db in mariadb? Sounds like you haven't, Kru-x
  12. And after reading your post thoroughly :~(): the container only copies the files the first time to the folder, any subsequent restart docker leaves the existing files and only adds files missing, thus if something changes in the file docker will not override it. But then as you said you should leave all file AS IS except for the wp_content, so you have a point. The read and write access will be different in the container and WordPress wouldn't be able to update the files internally so the internal update would not work, you would have to wait until the container is updated I believe, so you would most likely get in to heaps of problems and I wouldn't recommend it, but then I am not an expert so I could be wrong. Kru-x
  13. Hi sjoerd, I can follow your thinking and I wonder myself, but WordPress updates internally and gets updated on the fly, thus you always have the latest version keeping it like it is. Guess they update the docker container for a new install. I think you get in to more trouble to do it that way, than not. Question back, as I see that you are installing new instances. Do you get a problems in "Site Health" on a new install? Eg. open tools/settings/Site Health and see if you get any recommendations of faults, I have a few pesky ones that I don't know how to solve. like "The REST API encountered an unexpected result" & "your site could not complete a call back", doing my head in! Regards, Kru-x
  14. Try the .htaccess method, if it is not in your root folder you can add it. Kru-x
  15. Yea that's correct, I'll "pair" one MariaDb container for each of my application/container that needs it (and I have 10 of them by now). It might seem like an overkill, but it is little overhead to run a DB container and it is more hassle/error prone to use one container for all. Maybe it is due to my lack of DB knowledge, but when you bugger one up, you are going to be happy that the other ones are running like nothing have happened. Promise! Kru-x