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  1. @dabbler455 Yes, his channel is an invaluable resource! I found an updated list compared to the one in his video. Turns out, PIA updates that specific post. So i had seen a page more updated than in the video, and now can't find it because that page has been updated! I didn't read carefully enough, but once I did, I realized they stated plain and simple: "At the moment, all of our non US Servers offer port-forwarding functionality and you can find a list of all of the servers we offer, here: " source: Sorry I can't give input on your issue. I'm sure all parties involved are working on compatibility. I don't use the torrent part, but used the container for vpn/proxy so I switched over to privoxyvpn and had success with that.
  2. Hi Guys, Do all of the next-gen endpoints support port forwarding? or do I have to find the PIA webpage that shows which endpoints allow port forwarding? (Does anyone have the link to that page bookmarked by any chance? I can't find it in my bookmarks, and not showing up in a google search)
  3. Thanks @disbedan015 I had so much hope.. I added 8089 as EXTERNAL SERVER PORT, and at first, it seemed to be working. I can pick up all 3 devices from step 1 (selecting the client), and when I get to step 2, it will attempt to connect, but fails with the same message after 20-30 seconds. This time the error on the bottom of the page shows: 'Failed to connect to http://sl.xxxxxxxxx.xxxx:8089/slserver' I was hopeful because it would instantly show the error message before I added the external server port. After adding it, it stopped showing the Ping or Load, yet when I clicked 'connect', it showed the loading circle, which led me to think it was working... but i got juked. Any additional suggestions to try?
  4. Hey linuxserver Thanks for this. I've managed to set up the container without any issues. In the template, I entered my reverse proxy url for synclounge (under 'EXTERNAL URL', and left all the optional stuff blank. So, now I'm in the webuil but after I login and select a client, I cannot move past Step 2:Join a Room. Seems synclounge can login and see my server, but cannot connect. It connects fine if I use the actual synclounge website..but the point was to self host synclounge in the first place. My log at startup: After starting, my log keeps repeating this: Any support on this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I saw a some folders and files, in them were some .pem files. Did not investigate further.. I ended up solving my issue by completely uninstalling and reinstalling. I thought I had tried it without any luck, but I just tried again, and I can add certs now, the container is working again. Before figuring this out, I checked dynamic dns, cloudflare DNS Cnames, and my router settings, denying it was the container throwing error. I'm glad it was as simple as uninstalling and reinstalling. Here' what I did: -Delete container -Delete appdata (I needed to do it through krusader) -Delete from "previous apps" in apps tab. -Reinstall The first time around, I did everything except clear it from Previous Apps. I was thinking about copying files over from old appdata folder, but this container is so easy to use, I'm just going to keep it clean and reinput all the certs and proxies again. Hope this helps someone!
  6. All my subdomains stopped working suddenly. I went through the whole container and could not find anysettings that were off. also, checked my cloudflare account, CDN is off and only running on DNS. I get this error when it starts, and it continually shows that error the rest of the time container is running. nginx: [emerg] BIO_new_file("/etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-12/fullchain.pem") failed (SSL: error:02FFF002:system library:func(4095):No such file or directory:fopen('/etc/letsencrypt/live/npm-12/fullchain.pem', 'r') error:20FFF080:BIO routines:CRYPTO_internal:no such file) any ideas on how to get this file? I don't even have a lettsencrypt folder in my /etc/ dir