Can I use an external hard drive via usb

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I am using a 4-1Tb drive array and I have an external 2tb drive that has usb. First of all will I be able to add it to the array like usual? Secondly giving its 2tb and the rest of my drives are 1 tb, would it become the parity drive? Also I think I posted this in the wrong sub form

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Wrong sub form?
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Assuming you meant to post in the v6 forum.


USB while it does work isn't particularly recommended.  USB is notorious (on all platforms) for drop-offs and reconnects (YMMV) and when that happens in a server that's expecting drives to be always connected, the server winds up red-balling them.


In your case, the 2TB would have to be the parity drive because it is the largest of the bunch.


If you are indeed running v5, then USB is not supported for attached devices.

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