Moving Unraid to completely new hardware, not reusing disks

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Is it possible to "duplicate" my unraid to new hardware and disks?  I know I would have to work out getting the data over, but aside from that what is the process?  I've not had much luck finding other examples of this, most reuse their drives it seems.  In those cases it looks like its move them over and plug in the USB.  But if it's all going onto new drives I assume that wouldn't work.  If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate the help.  Thanks!

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1 hour ago, takinsjr said:

Is it possible to "duplicate" my unraid to new hardware and disks?

Since new disks need to be formatted by unRAID to add them to the array, you cannot migrate the data to new drives before adding them to the array unless they were already formatted in unRAID.


You have a few options I can think of.  Perhaps there are other suggestions to come from others.


1.  Create new array with new hardware and new disks (keep current USB but use the New Config option to add new disks to array), mount old disks as Unassigned Devices and migrate the data to the new disks in the array.




2. in the current array, replace old disks one at a time with the new disks using the Replace a Data Drive procedure then transfer disks to the new hardware setup. Remember you cannot add a new data drive that is larger than the parity drive(s). 




3. Add new disks to the current array and migrate all data from old to new disks then use the Shrink Array procedure to remove the old disks.  Then transfer everything including "new" disks which now contain all your data to the new hardware configuration.

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That's exactly what I am looking for.  I just wasn't sure of the cleanest method and wanted to make sure there wasn't some top secret easy method I hadn't thought of.  Thanks for your help!

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