Server in a new house, cannot connect to anything

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So I moved across the country.  While waiting for my new place to be ready, my server is temporarily located at my parents house.  They use a different subnet for their internal devices, so I changed the subnet, the gateway, and the DNS to the OpenDNS address.


From the server, or from the internal network, I can access the server with no problem, so it's connected to the network fine.  However, it can't seem to access anything - it's complaining about GitHub not being accessible, Plex doesn't work at all. 


Any ideas what I'm missing?  Any suggestions?

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Sounds like a routing problem.  I would carefully check the gateway is valid for the subnet and that the DNS is valid for internet access.


You are likely to get better informed feedback if you attach the system's diagnostics zip file (obtained via Tools->Diagnostics) to your NEXT post.

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