VPN for entire network?

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I'm using Binhex DelugeVPN which is working just fine for Deluge.

However I'd like to use the VPN for the whole network, and not just for Dockers.


So, when my phone / laptop / streaming stick / desktop PC etc try to connect to the web (not just for browsing), can they be made to route through the VPN?


I figured it would be much quicker to have unRaid handle the encryption on a 1gig connection than my DD-WRT router!  I know I can activate VPN clients on each device, but looking for automatic network wide routing via the VPN.


If the Privoxy part of DelugeVPN would not be good for this, is there a Docker that would?

I would also like to add a VPN for incoming connections too (so they appear as if they're on the local network).  Is it possible to do that as well?

Or am I going to be better finding some additional hardware and firing something like pfSense on it?


Your comments are appreciated!

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