Issue with getting duplicate dockers to run at the same time due to hardcoded host number

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Hello, I'm trying to get 2 instances of the Szurubooru dockers to run at the same time. This docker is in 3 part essentially: the Postgres database, the Szurubooru API and the Szurubooru client. API connects to the database and Client connects to the API.
I have manage to run the API dockers fine at the same time since their host number can be adjusted, however this is not the case for the Client docker, it expect the port number to be 6666 for the API. The Client docker's setting has a field to set the IP of the API docker, it doesn't have a field for the port number of that IP. I've tried giving an IP to the dockers that wasn't the Unraid server's IP address with Network Type > custom: br0, however probably because I missed a step this just resulted in everything loosing track of everything else.


I'm looking for a solution where I can essentially either hide each set of API+Client or what who be the proper way to assign an IP to a docker. The first one would be the better solution IMO due to not spamming the network with a bunch of IP addresses for a single service per docker.


The use case is that both Szurubooru are for different type of content, images vs music, I like the layout that Szurubooru will give me for both but want to keep each data set apart.

Thanks for any help, left a message in FoxxMD's support thread a couple weeks with this issue back but haven't heard back yet.

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