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Disk is full error on Mac

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Hi - 


I'm pretty new to UNraid. I'm using a mac and I'm trying to copy about 3TB worth of Final Cut Pro files (so I can't split them). I have about 31 tb of space on my server. My cache is a 1 tb SSD. I'm thinking it might be the settings on the cache because that shows filled up and I get a "disk full" message on my mac when it reaches 1 tb. Does anyone have a screen shot or tutorial on how I should set up my cache so it doesn't get filled up and drop the upload (if that's even possible)?51399538577_d0569d2356_4k.jpg



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To avoid getting this error then you need to make sure that the Minimum Free Space setting for the cache drive is set to a value that is bigger than the largest file you want to go to the cache.   When the free space falls below this value then Unraid will start to bypass the cache for any new files.


you could also set the share in question to not even use the cache.


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