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Looking to upgrade: transcode issues when using watching together in plex

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My existing server is based on an AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G @ 3100 MHz.  It's only running a 4x4TB setup and mainly used for Plex.  It's done OK up until now.  4K brought it to it's knees but I got around that by buying an Nvidia shield for the living room, it never needed to transcode so all was well.  However, I'm now in a long distance relationship so I do a whole lot of watch together with my girlfriend.  Since a lot of the encoding is 265 and she's running a Roku TV so transcoding is needed and the poor CPU just can't do two streams if I'm upstairs on my Roku 3 as well.  So, long way of setting the question up: what's a good budget processor/mobo/RAM combo I can toss into my existing case and make transcoding issues a thing of the past?  I'm trying to keep this sub $500 if possible.


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18 minutes ago, Nuul said:

I ended up buying a RYZEN 5 3600, 16 GB of RAM and a B450 based mobo.  Is it really as easy as just moving the drives and flash drive over once I have the new hardware setup?

Globally yes.


However, you need to consider if you have hardware passthrough to a VM or a GPU set up for dockers.

It is generally recommended to deactivate Array automatic startup, check that every drive and configuration is OK before starting services one after the other.

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