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Need a little Help with rsnapshot...

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Hi everyone,


my brain seems to stop working while i am trying to set up rsnapshot right... Maybe its very easy, but i dont get it at the moment and i hope someone could help me:


I'd like to backup an entire disk with all its shares: /mnt/disk1/folder1...  /mnt/disk1/folder2...


The folder for the Backup an the "snapshot root" is: /mnt/disk3/Backup/


If I try a configuration like: backup              /mnt/disk1/        /           +rsync_long_args=--no-relative

it gets me an error the it has to be a relative path on localhost...


without "/" it creates a folder "+rsync_long......"


If I use something like: backup                /mnt/disk1/          folderX/         +rsync_long_args=--no-relative

it works, but all Shares are in an extra Folder "folderX" what i am trying to prevent.


Thanks for your help!



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