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Reading NFS share from windows, Folders turned into files

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Hi all,


I have a share called "download" on my unraid server, which is exported via NFS.  My linux hosts don't seem to ever have a problem with it but frequently my Windows 10 hosts that have the share mapped as a local drive will see files instead of folders in the drive.  E.G. there is a movie file that is 1.7 TB in size instead of a folder with multiple files.


I can fix it pretty easily by disconnecting and re-mapping the share, but that is a real pain.  I guess I could probably figure out a script to handle when this happens but I was hoping maybe someone out there had a better solution?  I was surprised I could not find any other incidents of this in the forums but maybe it's a little tough to describe.


Edit: Also when I go to disconnect the share, it says there are open files, is there a way to see what files are in use?  I tried using fsmgmt.cpl but that is for outbound shares.



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