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All data from /home disappears after restart

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Hello community,

I have Unraid 6.9, working great with absolutely no issue... except for one.

Every time the machine restarts or shuts down, all the data from /home (under root) disappears completely.

I have created a couple scripts with the User Scripts plugin, they use a bash script called "discord-notify" and ffmpeg static build which are both saved in /home folder. 

A few weeks ago I shut down the server to physically move it from one location to another. Upon boot, everything from the /home folder was gone. Vanished without a trace. I didn't think much of it, redownloaded the ffmpeg static build and recreated the script, all was good, until two days ago, when there was a power outage. The UPS held for a while, and Unraid was configured to gracefully shut down if the UPS battery was under 20%. Unraid shut down just as expected, all was good, however when I started it back, all files from /home were gone again.

Is this expected behavior? Should I place those files somewhere else? And why would the files from /home not stay there across reboots/shutdowns?

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Yes - this is expected behaviour :(   After initial load Unraid runs from RAM so /home is a non-persistent location.


if you want anything that is not on one of the drives mounted under /mnt to survive a reboot then you need to take steps to achieve this.   The normal way is to put such files somewhere on the flash drive (located at runtime under ‘boot) and then add entries to the /boot/config/go file to put them into their runtime position (or use the User Scripts plugin).

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