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My server becomes inoperative the webGui do whatever he wants, I can have access to some seting and tool but other I am unable to click on it. the appearance becomes anything (see image). The server continuously changes to "Array Started" and "Array Undefined". I am not able to download the SYSLOG, so I just copied / pasted it to a text file. Please someone help me i am not a code or command line cracker. I have attached my text file if SysLog_210901.txtthat helps. I change my usb key and the same thing then before !!!!!! ūüė≠ūüė≠ūüė≠


I'm desperate




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Your appdata and system shares say they have files on cache, so that means you have definitely somehow created a path to /mnt/cache.


Whatever is using that path is writing into rootfs, filling it up. And since rootfs is in RAM, whatever is written there will be gone after reboot.


So, even after you fix your docker mappings, some of your dockers may be broken since whatever they put there will be lost.


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