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NGINX reverse proxy / duckdns validation - what am I doing wrong?


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I had to switch from http validation to duckdns validation because my ISP won't allow forwarding port 80.

I set up mydomain.duckdns.org.

My config screen for Swag is attached.


I set up a few proxy-conf files - for calibre-web, plex, and emby.

An example is attached (for calibre-web).


This does not work. I tried https://calibre.mydomain.duckdns.org and it hangs and times out.

I see that port 443 is forwarding.

Nothing updates in the Swag log when I try to connect, if that's helpful.


I feel like I'm missing something obvious, but I don't see it.

I've tried to add other server_name variables to the calibre-web.subdomain.conf file - like www.calibre.* and calibre.mydomain.* etc. but this doesn't help.


Any advice is appreciated - I've been at it all afternoon.





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