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pfSense issue

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I'm running pfsense as a vm and passing in an intel network card.


The network card is Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82576 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 01)

Its a 2 port card and each port shows up as its own iommu group. I am binding those at bootup and it's all working great.

When I make changes to my storage array, I have to take it down, and obviously the vms have to come down. 


The issue is when I start it back up and boot the vms, the pfsense vm doesn't see both ports of the network card for some reason.

It sees 1 port and my on board network cards. I have to manually reboot unraid for it to see both intel ports and not run the reassign ports function. 

Is there something I can do to fix this?

While it's not a huge issue, if I decide to make a change during the day, I work from home, the family doesn't love the extended down time.

Also is there a way to make the pcie network card available to the vm and unraid? I'm currently running 2 network cables to my switch from the unraid server, one for the internet and one for unraid. I'd like to have it in one cable and at some point, I'm going to upgrade that to a 10gb link.



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