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Moving OMV Raid 6 Data to Unraid


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I currently have (10) 10TB drives in RAID 6 with just under 28TB of data. I have a spare 10TB drive as well. Trying to figure out how to copy the 28TB of data from OMV (I am getting rid of this) to Unraid (this will be running on my existing server). Is there anyway to use 2 of the disks plus the extra to put in unraid then copy the data over?

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If I understand your question correctly, I'd probably try --

  1. Resize the RAID6 array on OMV to ~30TB (need to resize the fs or lv etc. and then the array itself via mdadm - perhaps OMV provides a nice UI for that?)
  2. Take 3 of the drives released from the md array plus the spare and build an Unraid array with 1 parity and 3 data drives.
  3. Copy the data.
  4. Once you're happy with the state of your Unraid server and data, dismiss the OMV system and add the rest of the drives to Unraid.

If you specifically want to use 2+1 drives, then you can create an Unraid array with no parity and perform the copy. The downside is, of course, that without a parity drive, your data is not protected.

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7 hours ago, ap90033 said:

I have all data in a raid with 3 drives. I have unraid up, setup a VM with openmedia vault and was going to add back the array then Rsync to unraid array. I cannot however since I cannot mount (without formatting) the unassigned drives. HELP?

Sounds like you need to pass through those drives to the VM and mount them there, not mount them in Unraid.

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