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Need help with NFS rule to allow only a specific IP to write to a share.

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I have never used NFS before. I have been using Samba for years but I just got a security camera that will only write to NFS or FTP. I know I could install something like ZoneMinder but I don't want to get into that complex of a configuration yet.


I was reading it is better to use NFS than FTP so I am trying to expose a share over NFS so my camera can write to it. 


I can't find much information on the NFS rule syntax in the Unraid documentation.


I just want to make it so can read/write to the share. Nothing else should be able to read/write to it using NFS. 


How would I go about doing this? 

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Hi @IMTheNachoMan,


late to the party but could be helpful for others.


Following a set of instruction on creating an NFS Share for only specified IP / IP's:


- Main Navigation -> Shares -> Your Share (for this example I will use my 'multimedia' share)

- Scroll down to 'NFS Security Settings'

- Making the share available to only one IP (in this example,


- Making the share available to multiple IP's (simply separate multiple IP's by a space)




DoggByte / BigTechDiet

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