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  1. The Fix Common Problems plugin says there is a bug in 6.1.9 and 6.2b21 that will re-enable the FTP server on reboot. I know the general opinion is it is a non issue as long as there are no users defined but I am working on an enhancement to address the security issues with the users. Either way, I think it happens because /etc/inetd.conf is replaced on reboot and in the stock one the ftp line is not commented out. ftp stream tcp nowait root /usr/sbin/tcpd vsftpd If someone can help me confirm this I can see about fixing it on the FTP enhancement I am working on. My thought would be to save some FTP enable/disable status in /boot/config/vsftpd.cfg and then something in /boot/config/go that would read it. But I don't know if that is the right approach?
  2. I am pretty sure this is because /etc/inet.d is overwritten on reboot and in the default/stock one the ftp line is not commented out.
  3. So far I've figured out that /boot is the USB flash drive so changes to files on it are persistent. It looks like all of the other ones are dynamic so changes to files are lost. Are there any others that are persistant?
  4. Humm. I see. I wonder if I could use Syncthings for this. That is how I sync files between my computers. If I can setup a one way sync between files on my server and my computer then that could do it too.
  5. I have the update the code (I think). I've tested it a bit but could use a 2nd set of eyes. Anyone willing to give it a test before I submit a pull request? Users are restricted to a folder of your choosing You can enable/disable logging to syslog You can select the root folder for each user
  6. Ha. I was doing that but I had a typo which is why it didn't work. Works now. Thanks!
  7. Yeah. The Unraid UI uses one button and changes the text. I can do it myself but I'm trying to find the code it uses so I can just use the same code. Trying to use as much existing code as possible.
  8. I'm finding it challenging to do live testing when doing development because as soon as you reboot (or if the system crashes), you lose all your changes. Right now I have set up a local repo on my computer that I edit and then have a build task that pushes (scp) the files to my unraid server. That way on reboot I can repush the files back. It works but is rather cludgy. Alternatively I can open the files directly from the unraid server using VS Code's SSH capability. But then if I reboot I will lose all my changes. I was thinking it would be cool if there was a feature where upon shutdown changed files in certain folders are copied to the flash and then the Go script copies them back on power up? Would be an easy-ish script/plugin I think. That still doesn't help if the system crashes. So I was wondering how others are doing it? Maybe I am overcomplicating this?
  9. FWIW, I am working on an enhancement to the built in vsftpd to limit a user to just a specific folder. There is no need to use ProFTPD when vsftpd can do what we need. I'm almost done then hopefully they will accept my pull request. Stuck trying to figure out how the Done/Reset function works.
  10. Yes. I am replacing my system soon anyway so not gonna worry about it just yet.
  11. Yup. I am almost done. Done with the core/backend stuff. I just gotta figure out the web UI stuff. Lack of documentation for the UI makes it difficult. Almost done.
  12. Thanks. Turned it off in /etc/vsftpd.conf. Will see if I can have logs saved elsewhere. I have no clue. I just left it to the default. I'm not even sure what it does or how often it needs to run. Any advice?
  13. I am getting the out of memory errors. I am attaching my diagnostics. My system has 16 GB of ram and it is very low usage so I'm not sure what could be wrong?