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  1. Before anyone calls me out for this, yes, I am posting this in a few places to get a wide spectrum of feedback. Right now I have 3 computers. That's how I have always done it. But I recently learned I can pass-through GPU to a VM which opens up some possibilities. I don't know if I will actually do it but if I did I am trying to figure out what kind of system spec I would need for a single system powerful enough to handle replacing my 3 individual ones. Right now I have: HP Pro Desk 600 G4 Specs: i5-8500 32 GB RAM (max 64) 256 GB NVME (pool) 4 TB HDD (array disk) Use: Unraid Samba storage for my home devices Docker containers (SyncThings and Plex) I have a very small movie library so I don't need a lot of power or storage (as long as I can do HW transcoding) HP T730 Thin Client pfSense Intel NUC Specs: 6th generation i5-6250U 16 GB RAM 128 GB m.2 for OS Use: Basic web browsing and web development Must drive 3 monitors: 1x DP, and 2x HDMI My thought would be to get one system to run Unraid, with VMs for pfSense and my main desktop with GPU passthrough for the 3 monitors. What kind of computer/system/server spec would I need? Thoughts?
  2. Can't you just create a volume mapping in your Docker config? But won't you lose a lot of data if you reboot?
  3. Got it. Thanks. I couldn't find anything that said "Global Share Settings" and I found a few different places to set minimum free space so I wasn't sure. Plus what I see on that screen doesn't look like his screenshots so I wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  4. First, I have to say that the more I use unRAID the more I love it. 60 bux is just not enough for how awesome and capable unRAID is. The IGD support thread sticky is from 2016 and has 7 pages -- going through it was a bit chaotic. I couldn't confirm if it does or doesn't work and didn't want to muddy that thread. I have an HP Pro Desk 600 G4 with: i5-8500 32 GB RAM Intel® UHD Graphics 630 2x DP and 1x HDMI out Will I be able to create a Windows 10 VM and passthrough through the processor graphics with all 3 video outs so I can run 3x monitors? I'm not gaming -- just emails and web development.
  5. I think I am missing something. Isn't /tmp of unraid already in RAM? So wouldn't setting /transcode in container to /tmp in unraid already have Plex use RAM for transcoding?
  6. Where is this setting? I cannot find anything that matches the screenshot? What am I missing?
  7. Why do you have this? Where did you see to add this? I have the same graphics and I don't see anywhere that I need to use that?
  8. I moved to a new unRAID box but I did not copy settings over (for reasons). On my new setup, Docker settings show that it is using the same IP/subnet as my main/home network. I swear it wasn't like this on my previous install. When I set containers to bridged, they are not getting internal IPs. I feel like I am missing something or doing something wrong?
  9. When you add a container you specify things like the repo, port mapping, volume mapping, etc... Where is that information stored? In what file?
  10. When you add a container you specify things like the repo, port mapping, volume mapping, etc... Where is that information stored? In what file?
  11. I forgot now, but aren't Docker and VM enabled by default on a new install? I feel like it was when I installed...