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The Issue
Docker - unavailable update (even after forced update)
App store - Hanging at load (spotty connection despite working for a few minutes at a time) - times out 

Plugins - not available status - no connectivity 

I've tried numerous things to fix this and have spent 2 days so far.

  • Setting DNS to google | and cloudflare | 1.0.02 - no luck 
  • modified Go file with 

sed -i 's#@Docker-Content-Digest:\\s*\(.*\)@#\@Docker-Content-Digest:\\s*\(.*\)@i#g' /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php 

  • attempted switch from auto DNS to static DNS 
  • nslookup google.com - timeout 
  • ping - timeout
  • removed network.cfg file and reboot - pulls IP read DNS - still no connectivity to any 3 services listed above 
  • removed almost all plugins 


Network side 


  • double checked settings on Udm pro - DNS changes | VLAN assignment changes |  etc



**at some points making changes to network causes the unraid to hang and eventually crash the UI when working on it from another pc on the LAN** 


**UPDATE 9/13/21**


After investigating into my IPS via the UDM Pro it seems as though the Unraid server is attempting to reach out to russia for the DNS? 


ET DNS Query for .su TLD (Soviet Union) Often Malware Related




TypePotentially Bad Traffic



Source - unraid IP : 46115

Destination - internal Gateway IP : 53

Protocol - dns


It's showing up as trying every port number it possibly can to reach out to the internet, Since this is stemming from the unraid server ( no array running, no dockers, no plugins active) -- would it be safe to say that this could be considered a false positive? 



Any advice or guidance with this would be greatly appreciated it. This happens then all of a sudden for a few days starts working then stops again. 


Thanks in advanced. Sorry if this is a double post -- it's my first one 


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Updating with new findings
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1 hour ago, Odyssey said:

sed -i 's#@Docker-Content-Digest:\\s*\(.*\)@#\@Docker-Content-Digest:\\s*\(.*\)@i#g' /usr/local/emhttp/plugins/dynamix.docker.manager/include/DockerClient.php 


Remove that line and reboot.  It's not necessary


I'd reboot all the networking equipment also.  Beyond that, not much help since I don't have any experience with VLANs


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I removed the line. Restarted but still nothing. It's strange cause even if it's not on a VLAN now it still does the same thing. No matter the DNS settings on either side. I originally had nextcloud installed and removed it and then these issues started up again.

  • I've removed almost every plugin
  • tried creating a new USB key with unraid without success.

The Mac address and ip and dns are pulled but for some reason something in the system 

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