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Server log flooded with "unable to find the Domain Master Browser name XXXX for the workgroup XXXX"

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Well, no one chimed in on this post yet, but I'll share what I did to mitigate this, in case someone else has to deal with it. First, I recommend reading the SAMBA manual for configuration suggestions. You can find it here:



Since my server is standalone, I originally thought it would help to enable "local master election" in the workgroup settings. This is what is causing the interval polling. The server isn't finding ITSELF. I haven't found a proper configuration with Local Master enabled that doesn't return this behavior, so I simply disabled it.


I also added the extra configuration of enabling a  WINS server, however, and pointing and set my local windows machines' IPv4 settings to use it, and turned on netBIOS. Since then, it seems my computers are always showing in my network environment, and browsing shares seems more responsive.

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