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Missing Fans

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In a previous build I had run through the installation of "Dynamix Auto Fan Control" and "Dynamix System Temperature" and run Sensors-detect and inserted the modprobe lines into the go file:


# modprobe for each sensor
modprobe coretemp
modprobe f71882fg
modprobe lm78
modprobe nct7802
modprobe i2c-i801


# Copy the sensor.conf file for use
cp boot/custom/scripts/sensors.conf /etc/sensors.d


In the end I had listings on the Dashboard for 9 fans with speeds for 5 of them... I have 5 fans in the system so all seemed right in the world.


* Please note I'm pulling the process from memory... So I could have missed a step.


I have since completely rebuilt the server, new build of the OS, but the fans are still plugged into the same spots and it's the same motherboard (EVGA Z170 Classified K).


Now I see only 3 fans, and when I run sensors-detect I see no mention of nct7802...


Does anyone have any insight as to where me other 2 fans went? Or why it's not reporting any empty slots? on the Dashboard?


I'm planning to use the final header on the mainboard for an additional set of fans, but would like to see the speeds they are actually running at.



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