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  1. Is this true for ANY hardware passed through? I've gone ahead and built a new image on the NVME drive and tried running it exactly as I have my gaming machine. Still no joy, I installed all the drivers from the virtio disk and rebooted, and... rebooted, and... Nothing. Still pulling the full 16GB continuously... Oh Well... I've ordered the 64GB kit to solve the problem that way.
  2. I guess there's always the possibility that it's a software problem with the windows install... Guess I'll make an image and do a fresh install.
  3. I've got a Windows 10 VM running from a passed through NVME drive, with a passed through GTX 1660 Ti. I use it for Gaming primarily with a few other tasks assigned when I need it. I have it connected to a HDMI monitor and it has it's own mouse and keyboard connected to it as well. I have assigne it with 2GB min and 16GB max memory. It uses 16GB from the moment it's turned on until I shut it down... I would like to juet leave it running but I'm running short of memory by the time I run a few other VM's and Dockers (Not that I'm actually encountering a problem
  4. that's what I got when the 660P was working correctly... I've tried blocking it out by binding it to vfio... but that gives the same error followed by the difference in System Devices after I attempt to launch a VM. I've tried creating a new VM and attaching it to a VM running Acronis that I use to clone drives and which is the one that I attached the 660P to in order to clone it before I started the swap. For clarity the only VM running from the start is my pfsense router which is not configured to use the NVMe. Thanks for the input though
  5. Running Windows 10 on a passed through 512GB Intel 660P NVME drive on an EVGA Classified K Z170 board I have the opportunity to swap the 660P for a 1TB Samsung EVO 980 Pro. I know my existing board won't take full advantage of this drive but the extra size and a little future proofing never hurt… (except when it does) Unraid lets me reconfigure the VM but when I start it I get: internal error: Unknown PCI header type '127' for device '0000:03:00.0' And after that happens I don't see the drive anywhere accessible to unraid. If I
  6. Hahahaha I was looking in the wrong spot... Hahaha
  7. OK, so he posted that 57 minutes ago... I should check again...
  8. I'm seeing the same thing... I also can't add plugins to grafana... They seem to work with CLI but then they aren't there.. And if I try to unzip the files into the plugins folder I get an access error. From the Github: Bits and bobs The read-only paths are required for Telegraf to report on host devices. Is this what I'm running into? Arbadacarba
  9. Could we have a section of the top post defining things that need to be done before upgrading... I'm about to go from 6.8.3 to 6.9.0-RC1 and know that I need to remove and reinstall Unassigned Devices, but I also remember reading about the changes that need to be made to VM's for networking... But I don't remember what the change is...
  10. Dalben found it... But I can't... Where do you enable disk shares? Thanks
  11. Does the HDHomeRun work with Unraid/Plex? And is it any use with Antenna only? Yes... ok I looked into them years ago, but where I live (Canada) I don't think that are compatible with either our satellite or cable providers. Still true but Antenna is the way to go apparently I guess I could look some of this info up myself. OK... Did But is this what people are talking about having to use a DVB driver for? Or is the Network connected version a good way around that? I guess my next project is figuring out what channels I
  12. So, after struggling with this for over a week, I told the system to check for updates and discovered there was one... Now it's working.. Sheesh... I could have found that earlier.
  13. Has anyone used a USB DVB? I've carefully used up all my PCI-E capacity, but still want to play.