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  1. "Starting Plex Media Server" YUP... That was it... I renamed the appdata folder and that fixed it. Shamefull question - What do you mean by standard plex backup tasks?
  2. So there is no Support Forum for the plexinc version of the docker (that I can find). So I read through the recent posts of the binhex and linuxserver ones and they had some help... It's the SQLite database corruption issue... I guess it might have happened before I upgraded to rc5 but i'd swear I updated BEFORE the last time we watched something. Oh well, erased EVERYTHING for plex and started again... Luckily I keep my media files organized on their own so plex just picks up where I left off. Thanks
  3. Thanks will do... I just assumed since nothing I'm aware of has changed other than RC5 it would be usefull here. But I will post in the support thread, thanks
  4. I did a bit of searching and didn't come up with anything that matches my issue... I have no idea if it has directly to do with RC5 because it had been working at first... We watched a program on it 22 hours ago. Neither my laptop or my Nexus TV box can see the Plex server (Plexinc Docker) My Laptop could access the server at first but found no media and now I get "This Site cannot be reached". I tried refreshing the Plex docker, and I restarted the server a couple of times. I tried downlgrading to RC4 and that did NOTHING so I went back to RC5... The only thing I did on the machine between last night and tonight was run a VM with a Marvel Sata card passed through for a few hours but it is not running now. Next thing I'll try is reverting to a backup of the USB disk that I made before the problem occured. Though I thought I would put this out there first. Thanks Monkeying with it still has me confused... Fix Common Problems found that my drive mapping was not set to slave mode... Something that was set correctly before, but is not after the reinstall... (Of Plex) so I reset them. Now the browser finds the server, but the interface cannot find the media... A few minutes later and we are back to not finding the website... This is the first issue I've had with unraid that was not (as far as I know) self inflicted. Other than the fact that I'm running a release candidate. jupiter-diagnostics-20191104-2216.zip
  5. Running into an issue with the "Other" items: I have enabled it in the settings and tried a couple of triggers ("Backup") but nothing seems to work. What I want to do is log my backup actions and have it highlight them... Maybe even have it trigger a red bar with a backup failure. My Log line looks like this: logger Backup ${sequential}/${NumberOfShares} ${ShareNames[counter]} Succeeded -t$PROG_NAME Oct 24 23:18:53 Jupiter Seagate_Backup_Plus_Drive-1: Backup 7/14 EBooks Succeded logger Backup ${sequential}/${NumberOfShares} ${ShareNames[counter]} FAILED -t$PROG_NAME No Example But there is no color on the log. Thanks
  6. That would do it. I lose the third row if I am windowed filling the whole screen as opposed to actually full screen. The 4 pixels of border are enough to mess with it.
  7. Here's what I'm seeing, On a 4k Dislplay at 200% Scaling: Full Screen Slightly Smaller: Smaller Again: And Finally: At this point it stops dynamically scalling and starts scrolling. On my secondary monitor I get different results because the scaling is 150% so I can go wider: Same results, it just starts with larger borders that collapse first.
  8. What display scaling are you using on the two monitors (if you are extending your desktop)?
  9. The Docker Container one looks like you have just slightly too little space for the third column. Mine does that if I drop from full screen window to 90% width... Try F11 full screen to see if it switches? Assuming you are running maximized already. If I colapse down further it drops the right hand column (Array Drive List) and gives me the three docker columns again
  10. On the one hand this is not an important request, but on the other I have to at least mention it. Was there a reason the order an placement of information doesn't line up with the elements from the other 3 device types? I recognize there are more items you need to show for unassigned devices, but it seems that it would look slick (Honestly I think it already works pretty slick) if the ones that matched... matched up as it were. Thanks for the great plugin.
  11. As for a general solution, I use Krusader (Granted it feels a little antiquated) and have a "Custom Tab" configured to open directly to it. I wish the Custom tab was a little more flexible, resizing and making better use of the screen itself. But that's more of a problem with the implementation of "Custom Tab" than Krusader.
  12. Am I missing something? I routinely close my laptop while running large moves with Krusader and take my laptop to work... Reboot it a time or two and then reopen the VNC window for Krusader and see everything either finished or progressing nicely. Why do you think you need to leave it open?
  13. Dockers are great, but for your music collection you should see pretty good results. The read speed is as fast as a standard drive, so unless you have an incredible number of simultaneous streams (I think it is in the range of 500) you should see zero problems. Movies can be a little more stressful especially if you are using 4k but I routinely run three streams off my unraid system.
  14. Installing additional disks is pretty simple... Add disks, watch cache size increase. It's still a raid though so it's not a 1 to 1 relationship. I had 3 1TB SSD's and got 1.5TB of storage. Basically you get 50% of what you put into it. Is the project you are working on right now just the initial loading of the array? I ended up turning the cache off for the larger portion of that task. Because the mover runs at night you will basically fill the cache and then switch over to the array. When the mover runs at night it clears the cache and the next day you have access to fast transfers again. That's Awesome for the daily workstation backups and for moving a few hundred GB at a time, but frustrating when you are pushing large volumes onto the array.
  15. When you say the base system needs one or two cores do you mean core and hyperthread pairs? Or One core plus it's hyperthread? I have the 6700k and was just thinking I should go through my VM's and make sure to leave a set of cores out of all of them... Basically leave it for the unraid server.