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  1. Forgot to include the answer to the where I'm seeing that question: Pops up when I try to start a VM that uses any virtual NIC. OK, found some more info... When I rebooted things worked until I tried to run Transmission-VPN... Where the logs show a problem creating tun... Starting container with revision: e7bda4030dfcc1ba5bb86fa53373e4f796f5c45b Creating TUN device /dev/net/tun mknod: /dev/net/tun: File exists if I delete tun then Transmission starts to work but I lose the ability to start VMs. Yes... I did this yesterday... probably should have mentioned that.
  2. So I'm attaching a diagnostic, but in fact the problem went away with a reboot. Thanks Squid. I didn't realize just how huge and bloated my logs are... Log.txt
  3. I'm running into this all of a sudden... Was there ever a solution? I've found two specific references in the forums but no replies...
  4. Even just the ability to clone the configuration and give it a new name... I do this routinely when I'm resurrecting a clients dead drive. I plug it into my USB or Drive Bay (Hot Swap) and boot the machine up with a standard configuration and attach the physical drive to the VM
  5. I currently have a Samsung 980 Pro that I pass directly through to my Gaming VM I picked up a second 980 Pro (I haven't opened it yet) and wanted to add it to my system and use Intel Enhanced RST to run the two drives in a stripped raid passed through to the VM. I tried it first using my 980 Pro and an Intel 600P. I don't expect good results from this mismatched pair, but I wasn't expecting what I got. I created the Array in BIOS and it made a slightly larger drive than the 1TB drive, but when I boot into Unraid I don't see the drive at all... Has anyone tried this? got it to work at all? Thanks
  6. I run pfsense in a VM and there are definitely times that I would find it usefull to take down the array without having to lose my router. Currently it's located on the cache but I would move it to the NVMe drive in an instant if this would work. I don't do it often, but there are times I seem to have to do it many times over a few days.
  7. I went looking for this request... I use a VM with a bootable CD/iso to perform disk task on client hard drive and would like to be able to more easily mount a unassigned drive and select the boot drive. Right now I have to go in and make changes to the xml Every Time. I love that this workflow is even possible, but would really like to see it performed more cleanly. Arbad
  8. Having Done a little further experimentation... The behavior I'm seeing is EXACTLY right... I was thinking along the frequencies that intel lists for this chip, but not realizing those are SINGLE core boost frequencies. I'm seeing ALL cores hit 4.8Ghz until the package temp hits 80 degrees and then they back off (4.6 or so) until it stays below 80. Thanks
  9. Is there any way to change the display at the bottom of the GUI to either ALWAYS diplay the decimal point or to NEVER display it? The constant shuffling of the line at the bottom back and forth is disconcerting.
  10. In addition, labeling and ordering the fans would be great too.
  11. Yes, it does the same thing with the banner... I designed my banner to show one of jupiters moons against the backdrop of the storms but had to change it because the moon was always the wrong shape... Certainly not a real problem.
  12. I always assumed that the once a year method is the easy way... The rare additional replacement has to be done with direct contact with Limetech. I don't know whether they would charge for it... I would hope not if it were not a pattern of any kind. Personally I replaced my USB drive after 2+ years to upgrade to the one Spaceinvader liked while I was completely rebuilding my server. I would hope if something stupid happened to that new USB drive Limetech would be pleasantly helpful. Arbadacarba
  13. I had a similar thing happen when I upgraded my system with a new mainboard and cpu... 6.9.2 would not boot into the GUI... I was indifferent to it but discovered almost by accident that 6.10 RC1 worked.
  14. I assumed it would... I've built this system around an air cooled quiet solution. I'm in the industry but I really haven't built a computer other than my servers (built and rebuilt really) since the AMD Athlon. I've been using Laptops for about 20 years. Maybe I just watch too many Linus videos. I'm really just screwing around with the new build on the principle that I have the skills and the equipment so lets lap the IHS and Heatsink to try to get a TINY gain and slow my cooling system down even more. No real reason. Just practicing arcane skills. The whole rig is meticulously cable managed and there is not a window in sight. Thanks
  15. For reasons of my own insanity, I want to get temperature readings on me server before and after I make soe risky and likely pointless modifications. I looked and looked for some way to stress test the CPU and get a temperature reading. Eventually realizing I may have that already in this plugin. Is there a way, or does it already, keep ap log of the results? Like running Temperature and frequency? So far I've played with taking screen shots while running the atomic burn tool, but I'm not seeing the numbers I expected. My system is NOT overclocked, and my 10850K is maintaining 4800MHz on all cores at about 72 degrees... Surely I'm doing something wrong for i not to be running hotter. Arbadacarba
  16. I see this quite regularly... again in Edge... I've never let it catch up though, so I've never seen it normalize. I was seeing it on RC1 quite regularly. I haven't seen it on RC2 yet... Yet....
  17. Error 101: Cannot Load JQuery I found the cause and a solution: The version of jquery on the netdata docker is 3.6.0 and while it seams like a newer version should doesn't. So I created a path that adds 2.2.4 to the folder from another netdata install (installed on my pfsense box)
  18. I'm trying to set up some custom dashboards and getting this when I go to the default address... I looked through the forum but didn't see anything... Any thoughts? Thanks
  19. I can't for the life of me find the forum post, but I ran into that powering down issue when I first built my server... It was an add in card and the post essentially concluded that it worked fine but prevented soft shutdown... It could have been a marvel sata card, or a usb card? I went through quite a few cheap add in cards when I first started.
  20. I rebuilt my server and ran into a problem with 6.9.2... It would not boot into the gui... It just gave me a blank screen with a flashing cursor. If I pressed the power button it would beep and shutdown correctly and the web gui was working correctly... I wasn't worried, because though the gui would be useful at build, I never use it on the machine itself in daily operations. I tried a few things and discovered that 6.10 RC1 worked perfectly and gave me the gui correctly. Oh well I'll just run that from the start then. And everything Seems Great. But I spotted something weird today... I rebooted the machine using the shutdown button in the web gui and something went wrong, so now at reboot it's doing a parity check. Not concerned... I've seen this before and at this point I assume a resource didn't release fast enough, and I will look into extending the timeouts slightly. But: That's ODD... The uptime of the server is right... But the elapsed time on the parity repair? Any thoughts? Everything seems to be working.
  21. I had copied just the key file... I had installed from the USB Creator onto a new USB drive and registered the trial... Then installed my most important VM's and such. Then rebooted and was the victim of my own "cleverness". Rebooting with the trial key (which needs an internet connection to verify its validity and then start the array), on a system that houses it's own router in a VM, (which requires the Array to be started to run even though it's not, itself on the Array) might have been a poor choice. I wonder... Was it the existing Appdata, System, and Domain folders that made it look like it had recovered? I might have jumped the gun and made an assumption. My appologies if so. My real goal here is to get rid of the Cruft, that I have created over the past year of customizations to the Go file etc. for my old system. Of course mixed into all of this is troubleshooting a few little hardware conflicts on the new system. Thanks for the response
  22. I just performed a MAJOR update on my server hardware, new CPU, Mainboard, and smaller NIC. I spent HOURS getting it up and running to the point where it could serve the house as router (pfSense) and Media Streamer. Along with creating Users, Naming Shares, configuring Drive Mapping and installing some of my most used pluggins and creating my Hardware Centric Gaming VM. (You know, the important stuff) And then I moved the key over to my new thumbdrive... I assume it pulled my backup from "My Servers"? Did I miss a warning? It restore a backup of my flash drive destroying all my hard work and making the whole thing unusable... Very frustrating.
  23. This would be interesting... I'm not sure how usefull it would be but it would definitely be interesting. The server I'm building has 7 fans in it, all pwm and all controlled in BIOS to set the speed based on CPU or mainboard temps... It would be interesting to see the dynamic responses to the work the server is doing... And if you paid attention you could adjust your fan curves to control cooling.
  24. In a previous build I had run through the installation of "Dynamix Auto Fan Control" and "Dynamix System Temperature" and run Sensors-detect and inserted the modprobe lines into the go file: # modprobe for each sensor modprobe coretemp modprobe f71882fg modprobe lm78 modprobe nct7802 modprobe i2c-i801 # Copy the sensor.conf file for use cp boot/custom/scripts/sensors.conf /etc/sensors.d In the end I had listings on the Dashboard for 9 fans with speeds for 5 of them... I have 5 fans in the system so all seemed right in the world. * Please note I'm pulling the process from memory... So I could have missed a step. I have since completely rebuilt the server, new build of the OS, but the fans are still plugged into the same spots and it's the same motherboard (EVGA Z170 Classified K). Now I see only 3 fans, and when I run sensors-detect I see no mention of nct7802... Does anyone have any insight as to where me other 2 fans went? Or why it's not reporting any empty slots? on the Dashboard? I'm planning to use the final header on the mainboard for an additional set of fans, but would like to see the speeds they are actually running at. Thanks
  25. Living out in the country, where I have 2 internet connections because they are either unreliable, or brutally restricted: I can't use the remote access, because both of my providers are double NAT'd and unable/unwilling to pass ports through. If only there was some system in place like what is used by Teamviewer that connects my server to the Unraid system to allow me to follow it back in. I don't know nearly enough to know if that is a huge deal, or if it is a huge security issue... Just thought I'd put it out there.