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How do I remove plug-ins in safe mode(no pluging)


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On the flash drive, look in the config/plugins folder for the individual plugin_name.plg files. Simply delete the plugin_name.plg files you no longer want and then reboot in normal mode.


You may notice sub-folders for each of the plugins as well. That is where the settings for the plugins are stored. Depending on what you are trying to do, you can either delete or not delete those folders.

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4 hours ago, ljm42 said:

在闪存驱动器上,在 config/plugins 文件夹中查找各个 plugin_name.plg 文件。只需删除不再需要的 plugin_name.plg 文件,然后以正常模式重新启动。



Thank you very much for your help. This is really a simple solution. I had made the Flash folder private on the home page (which I was advised to do), so I didn't notice. Although it still couldn't start in normal mode after I deleted it, I could at least start in GUI mode. Maybe there is something wrong with my other Settings. I will consider redoing the boot disk later.

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