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Cant Update DNS - Certificate Issuer keeps the ".local" TLD


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Hi everyone,


I am very new and I started with unraid yesterday. But right now I am kind of desperate about how hard it is to manage security with onboard tools.

My Fritzbox Router has a DNS Rebinding protection. That means everytime I try to provision a certificate, I receive an error telling me just that.

I updated my TLD in the Management access to my actual domain, applied settings and went back to management acces.. But unfortunately the CN stays = <Hostname.local> The Update DNS Button is greyed out. No Idea what to do to make the DNS Update...


I already rebooted. Disabled Docker and signed in to unraid.net with the plugin... Dont know what else I could try. Maybe I have to login via ssh and change the config manually?


I managed to enter a self signed cert from my opnsense, but this isnt what I wanted to achieve. I was hoping for the remote access feature that is only available with provisioned certs.

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