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(SOLVED) Unable to Assign Drive to Array


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Hello, I'm trying to set up a new server with some old hardware and I'm having some issues. I picked up a new 4 tb Ironwolf drive for my NAS and while I can see it after starting the server, if I try to select it to add to an array the screen blanks? than refreshes and the drive is no longer in the drop down menu and there are no start array or format options.

I can always see it in the Unassigned Devices section but I can't find a good link to install Unassigned Devices Plus to format it there. Please let me know if there is a bios setting or something that is messing with it, this hardware is from my old gaming rig so something might be messing with the server stuff. Thanks!





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Thanks for the quick reply, I unplugged the sata data and power cables and really shoved them back in and that worked. I must have done that 10 times yesterday with different ports but just never shoved the power cable into the drive enough! I was able to assign the drive and format it so I think it's working now. Is there a way to mark this thread as answered/ solved?

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