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Docker and VM's missing after building New Config


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I have an 3 x 8TB HDD's in an array with one acting as a parity. That drive was unplugged at some point when redoing some cable management. When it came back up it appeared as an unassigned device. I did some searching and found someone with the same issue that was instructed to go to Tools > New Config and build a new config and then assign their drives. I did this.

After starting the array however, all of my docker images and VM's are not showing up. 

I've attached my diagnostic logs. Help is greatly appreciated.


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Here's the output from: find /mnt -name libvirt.img



Here is the libvirt log:


2021-09-18 00:45:43.325+0000: 10263: info : libvirt version: 6.5.0
2021-09-18 00:45:43.325+0000: 10263: info : hostname: Tower
2021-09-18 00:45:43.325+0000: 10263: warning : networkNetworkObjTaint:5292 : Network name='default' uuid=a67b7b9b-bef4-488b-b243-c9e5f391a3b1 is tainted: hook-script


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Fixed the VMs. Stopped the array, went into Settings >  VM Manager (Advanced View) and changed Libvirt storage location to: /mnt/cache/system/libvirt/libvirt.img. Started the array and all the VM's reappeared. Now to fix docker.

Edit: Fixed docker containers. Went to Apps > Previously Installed and installed everything. Solved issue.

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