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Unraid crashed while booting VM, Then wouldn't boot passed BZroot several times before working again


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So I just had this issue. Server was up for days (I rebooted earlier this week) and was using my Windows VM. I stopped the VM and was going to go to bed but decided after a bit to get back on the computer for something. I went to turn on the VM using my phone and on the monitor I saw the Tiano Core screen but it was frozen. I tried to restart the VM and that didnt work so I selected stop then Force Stop. After a few seconds the server rebooted. When it got to the Unraid boot screen it wouldnt get passed BZroot before rebooting again. This happened several times (even when trying safe mode) before eventually booting up properly.


Once booted the VM manager was turned off and of course a Parity check had started (as expected). Now I am in the VM. I am not sure if the diagnostic will show anything before the crash but here it is.


Other things going on before the crash were a Home assistant VM, Several Docker containers (One downloading stuff), and at one point a remote Plex stream.


Any idea what may have happened? A quick Google search led me to it maybe being the USB which would be a bummer since its new and I dont really want to swap it (its inside the case plugged into a dongle plugged into a USB header).




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