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Replace Key Ineligible


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I migrated my server to a new hardware less than a year ago and migrated my license then to the new server and key.

now my key died and i replaced it and moved everything on to the new one, and i cant get a trial license or replace the key unless contacting support.


Are there any workarounds i can use to get my server up and running without needing to wait for support to reply?

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1 hour ago, frodijo said:

I cant start the array without a license 

Correct. Which is why I asked


8 hours ago, JonathanM said:

Which functions are critical to get running while waiting? Getting temporary access to the shares is easy, getting containers and VM's running is harder.

At this point in time it would probably be better to wait on support, probably be quicker than walking you through a safe temporary workaround.

You already emailed, correct?

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