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CPU pinning and creating share not working properly

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Hi all,


I am running 6.10 RC1 but have the same problems in 6.9.2.


I get the feeling that both problems are related since they show the same symptoms. 


Problem 1:

I can't change the assigned CPU cores to Dockers from the CPU pinning setup page. I can change it by going into the Docker template and changing it there. I used to also not be able to change the cores by going into the template but that suddenly started to work again. Here is the original bug report:

I closed that thread since I found out that the problems are not related to the new version. 


Problem 2:

I can't add a share normally. I wanted to create a new share for games. It had a description, was supposed to keep 150GB free and not use disc 9. But when I create that share and click on "apply" to create it, nothing happens. No new share is created. 

I then tried to create a share called "Games"  without anything else in it. No description, minimum free space or anything else. Also didn't work. I then tried to create a new share with a different name. I was able to create a share called "test". After that I could change the share to "Games" and add the properties I wanted to it. 



As you can see, both problems cause me to not be able to do something normally. But I need a workaround. 

Here are the diagnostics:



I do not understand what is wrong. 


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