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What version of OVMF do we have in unraid 6.9.2 - 6.10 RC1?


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I found that ovmf versions >= 202102 (stable) have a bug in some virtualized oses: an issue in their bugtracker was opened.

The latest working version without that bug is 202011 stable.

It took quite sometime to track the culprit to ovmf, but thanks to unraid and its stock files it was somewhat easier: since the issue is not in unraid, I think unraid 6.9.2, which is the version I'm actually using (released 7th april 2021), uses older ovmf release files (OVMF_CODE and OVMF_VARS) --> ovmf stable 202102 was already released (5th March 2021) at the time unraid 6.9.2 stable was released to public.

Can I know which version of ovmf is packed in unraid 6.9.2 and unraid 6.10 RC1?


Thank you


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