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  1. Yes, it looks ok. Unfortunately, I don't know what is causing your issues.
  2. Yes, but it works I think that the 4 slots x 8 Gb is possible (I need to find out what is the logic of those exclamation marks popping out beside the slots...), but I tried few arrangements without success. However it's sure that to avoid memory misconfiguration the mapping of the ram is a must.
  3. Memory misconfiguration problem solved! Finally I mapped al the 12 slots and populated all of them with 2 Gb module each. No more warnings and memory tab is ok. PS: remember to assign the same amount of ram both in clover and unraid vm (xml) (the sum of modules set in Clover should reflect the amount of ram assigned to the vm). Memory tab: System profiler: Clover memory configuration:
  4. Just a quick question to people running Catalina with macpro7,1: I noticed that in "About this mac" I don't have the memory tab. Do you have it? EDIT: I found that it depends on SMBIOS setting "Platform Feature": default setting 0x22 for MacPro7,1 prevents the memory tab from showing; changing it to 0x18 lets the memory tab appear (memory tab should appear since MacPro7,1 will not have inaccessible/soldered RAM..): I cannot understand the warning, that keeps the "memory misconfiguration" popup appear at every start of the VM. This is the translation: Mac contains 12 memory slots; 4 memory slots are populated by a DDR3 1333 MHz memory module. Warning: On this Mac the installed memory exceeds the maximum supported limit. The Mac will use only a single module until less than 768 Gb of RAM will be installed. However, the MAC is using all the 32 Gb installed (tested with diglloyd tools) --> A nonsense for me....
  5. I found out that it is possible to map the ram slots in clover: simply modify the Memory section under SMBIOS. For my system I chose 12 slots, according to the macPro7,1 mainboard. However catalina still reporting memory misconfiguration. MacPro7,1 ram slots: Clover configurator: System information:
  6. I deleted both lilu and WEG, my gpu is working as before, to avoid black screen (no-signal) I only have a kextToPatch to not check the board-id. Same as you, never had proof or noticed anything useful for these kexts.
  7. Sorry for my intrusion: are you passing through the usb controller or is it emulated? I tried several times to passthrough the usb controller and make it work on osx with some degree of success, but not satisfactory. My mainboard is an asus z9pe-d8 ws with 2 ASMedia Technology Inc. ASM1042 SuperSpeed USB Host Controller: best result I was able to obtain was by installing the GenericUSBXHCI.kext, however it never showed up as a usb 3.0 controller and usb devices did not show at first time, I had to attach, detach and reattach again to make them show.
  8. I noticed that this change should fix errors for apple developer id login, appstore and icloud login. With vmxnet3 I couldn't login in icloud from preference panel (different errors), sometimes working, on reboot sometimes not working. I couldn't login from the browser (tried my main browser firefox, but also apple safari) in icloud and with my developer id (sometimes giving me error related to ssl...). Changing to e1000-82545em solved (at least at the time of writing) these problems: logins successfull both from web browser and preference panel.
  9. So, I'm not alone Activity monitor reports the correct installed memory (16 Gb), if I click on "learn more" on the notification about memory misconfiguration nothing happens (ps: there are a lot of broken links in Catalina).
  10. If you look some pages before (p.50) you can find some screenshots of geekbench tests: personally, for gpu I have good performances with metal (near same results of CUDA/openCL in windows native), quite poor with openCL (1/3). Leoyzen is able to have near the same performance of a native os.
  11. iMac 18,2 is iMac (Retina display 4K, 21,5 inches, 2017) pro 6,1 is MacPro 6,1 and it is the Mac Pro (Late 2013) I prefer macpro7,1 as it is the newest (not on the market yet, it will be available soon) and has some characteristics that the imac doesn't have. Everytime you copy a kext in /system/library/extensions or /library/extensions you have to rebuild the cache, otherwise your kext will not be seen by the os, so before reboot the vm you need to rebuild the kext cache to be able to load your new copied kext(s)
  12. When you edit a virtual machine in unraid through editing the xml, you will find something like this: <interface type='bridge'> <mac address='xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx'/> <source bridge='br0'/> <target dev='vnet0'/> <model type='vmxnet3'/> <alias name='net0'/> <address type='pci' domain='0x0000' bus='0x01' slot='0x00' function='0x0'/> </interface> type here is vmxnet3; by default unraid sets it to virtio, so you should modify it; it is also explained in SpaceInvader's video tutorial.
  13. I would suggest the following steps: - backup your important data on an external hd/pendrive (if you can do a superduper/carbon copy cloner image) - backup your current clover image - update your clover image to latest as I explained - reboot your vm, if the updated clover works, proceed, otherwise replace the new image with your backup through unraid shares, and start again - set smbios to imac 18,2 (you will not have problem with MCE error) - if you have gpu passthrough I would disable it and enable only vnc - reboot and test vnc: I got an error with vnc, stating something like "display is not initialized yet": if this happens you can delete your vm (NOT the disk!!), create a new vm pointing to the actual disk(s), set all the customizations to start a macosx vm (vmxnet3 for network and additional cpu parameters, as you already did in the past), after that vnc will work again - if you have problems with resolution or weird display into vnc, start the vm, press esc before clover hds display, go into the resolution settings and change the resolution to 1920x1080, save changes, force stop the vm, and start the vm again - copy MCEReportDisabler.kext to /Library/extensions (download it some posts above, it's a post from @Leoyzen) --> This, if you want to use later smbios of MacPro6,1 iMacPro1,1 or MacPro7,1 - download kext utility to rebuild the cache, or rebuild the cache with terminal - boot into your current mojave and upgrade to Catalina - After catalina is installed you can re-enable gpu passthrough and any other modification you had - After that you can change smbios to macpro7,1 if you want