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  1. I managed to solve it - there were a lots of settings in BIOS I was playing with. For anyone who visits this thread later. Enable XMP profile 1 Enabled Legacy mode in RAM overclocking (this is not needed) Enabled support for Thunderbolt devices - boot support yes, user security - none , GPIO3 force power yes. (This was the most important step for this motherboard) This changed the BRCM to appear on Bus 70:0:0 (before it was on 6:00.0 and then the passthrough went through)
  2. Sorry for not getting back sooner on this - The RAM is not overclocked. Having said this, I tried passing the Wifi to a Windows VM - it shows up as a network controller. But the moment I try installing drivers the VM hangs. So looks like its not related to MacOS but to everything.
  3. Thank you for taking time to check this - unfortunately didn't work. Edit: When I make those changes, I get the error in my screenshot above - ARPT: Set packet allocation type to 1
  4. Good-day everybody. Hope everyone is keeping safe and well ! Want to seek some help in regards to passthrough of Fenvi T919 card to a BigSurVM. I have got most of the things working with the help of excellent work by @Spaceinvader One for Macinabox. I have the following specs Motherboard PRIME Z490-A , 16GB RAM i9-10850K CPU AMD RX 560 GPU 4 port Inatech USB 3.0 PCIe card - FL1000 controller (natively supported in MacOS) FenviT919 Unraid version 6.9.1 Only Sata slots are populated with HDD's ; no NVME's are used. The