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  1. First, rename bzimage and bzmodules in /boot to backup the stock kernel; Then unzip the archive to /boot/ Finally reboot your machine. I try to add an entry in startmenu but I don't know how to specify the bzmodule to load
  2. Yes, there has to use bridge lan instead of internal bridge. The docker has dedilcate ip in your subnet, the router can send packets to the docker. This is very usefule for me which I only have dynamic prefix from ISP and I can caculate the IPV6 that specific docker used so I can use DDNS too
  3. You can just add extra parameter in docker config, then docker container can get IPV6 automaticly. --mac-address xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=0 Give container a unique mac-address then container should get a SLACC IPV6 address. There is no need to set up ipv6 on Unraid Server
  4. Yes, I'm using 3700x and MSI X570 ACE with AGESA BIOS( which is the newest, MSI did not update for my board),and passthrough GPU works fine for me (I dont have meet the situation which the thread describe. I'm using RTX2070 for a Win 10/Ubuntu and RX560 for Win10/Hackintosh). I also tested benchmark (which have ~3% performance degraded compared to bare metal) and restart, all seems working for me. I don't know if it is a bug which latest kernel can solve, but you can try using the newest kernel with no harm (just backup your bzimage and bzmodules first) and see if it works. I'm fighting with some other problems the Zen 2 platform have, such as : 1. when restarting or hibrating the vm, the vm enter pause state and cant be resume anymore, I must force stop the vm and start again to make it work 2. Current AGESA has some issues which describe in reddit post , may report " AER: Uncorrected (Non-Fatal) error received" in log seems related with Starship/Matisse GPP Bridge, but I cant see any bad behaviors for me yet
  5. Hi I just build a kernel to support X570 motherboard (mine is msi x570 ace) and latest AMD Ryzen 2 3000 family CPU. The kernel version is 5.2.7 with AMD patches from AMD Ryzen 3000 series - Linux support and virtualization. Fix: x570 pci vfio bug AMD Ryzen CPU suppport for k10temp newest nct6775 driver for most X570 sensors(many mb use nct6797 as SUPER/IO) Realtek r8125 NIC driver and other features comes with linux-kernel-5.2.7( such as coffeelake igpu support and etc. The board sensors works fine (nct6775 and k10temp). You can use it also for whom has problem (such as driver not support by 4.19.56 which unraid current used) to see if it helps. The unraid works fine for me but I'm not garuantee works for all of you, TAKE YOUR OWN RISK to use the kernel. (PS: I try to backport AMD and sensors support for the kernel Unraid 6.7 used but failed) If you have problem with this kernel, comment below and I'll see if I can give help boot-5.2.7_20190812.zip
  6. Of course the nvidia driver should be compiled for the newer kernel to work.Linuxserver has provided the script to build the plugin. I release the kernel, see this thread: [KERNEL]custom build kernel 5.2.7 for latest Ryzen 3000 and X570 sensors suppport and r8125 driver. See if it helps
  7. It's not a problem of sensor-detect script but the board is too new to be supported by the nct6775 driver we current used in Unraid 6.7.0. I compiled the newest kernel 5.2.7 mannually the sensors all work properly with System.Temp plugins.You should try.
  8. You mean the nics of MSI X570 Ace? The board have one 1Gb NIC and one 2.5Gb NIC. With stock kernel only one 1Gb NIC recognized, the other 2.5Gb NIC need custom build driver for kernel.
  9. I'm using MSI X570 ace too now.There ara some issues with these board such as: The 2.5Gb NIC (r8125) not support by Unraid 6.7.0 so far sensors such as cpu and motherboard and also the fan speed is not suppport by the kernel 4.19 You have to custom build kernel (mine is 5.2.7) to support the features. Nothing else bothers me.
  10. I found something interesting according here, you should use qcow2 instead of raw to make new version clover work. But it not seems to recognized my apfs dirver, only hfs+ works
  11. Hi, I'm newbie of unraid. My ISP give dynamic ipv6 prefix with /60 and I set up correctly on my ubnt router, all client under router get ipv6 with privacy extension correctly except unraid. I try to enable "IPv6 privacy extensions" in Unraid NetworkSetting but after I hit apply, it still disabled.And I checked the ip -6 a, I get a random ipv6 and not from slaac ( which should be caculate from EUI-64) The IPv6 expected to be endwith "6c9a:beff:fed5:1a40" so I setup the firewall correct. Please help.