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  1. @ghost82According to the log everything works fine. You should know that kext inject to the "cache" not the origin "kext", so when you made some change it is safe to "rebuild kernel/kext cache" before reboot.
  2. I compiled a new Lilu and update QEMU vendor-id, then Lilu and WEG work now! You guys can just download this Lilu and using latest WEG from github then WEG will works now in hackintosh VM, no ssdt and no patches any more.Lilu-1.3.8-DEBUG.zip Edit: Lilu master update the code, so wait Lilu 1.3.9 will add QEMU support.
  3. Yeah, I can confirm Lilu/WEG not work at all in my hackintosh vm, I just boot direct from disk without QEMU and Lilu/WEG works. So I think it's maybe ACPI or QEMU related problem to avoid Lilu get correct graphic. Lilu/WEG is so important for those who have some problem with Grahpics, though we can use ssdt or clover patch, we lost many features of automatic works maked by WEG. Edit: I found that Lilu didn't work with QEMU/kvm by digging Lilu log and code that Lilu doesn't recognize QEMU pci-bridge vendor-id so it continues then can't get graphic device at all, WEG then not work property. It shocks me because every tutourial told us that it should use Lilu/WEG to help recogenize graphic in kvm but it doesn't work at all!! God damned. I just submit an issue to Lilu developers. Here is link.
  4. I'm not seeing any proof (via log or effects) Lilu/WEG actually works for my hackintosh(neither blackscreen fix nor acpi rename etc).So there is definately something wrong may related to AMD build or Graphic Version or qemu(most likely WEG not suit for QEMU ACPI I think). Does anyone actually seeing anything useful by using WEG?
  5. Which bug do you mean? 127 type error of GPU? I can build a custom kernel if someone really need (actually I am using custom build kernel with custom drivers of using 6.8 RC1).
  6. Nice!I compiled driver by my self for 6.8.0-rc1 for now. It is a good news for us.
  7. It will be nice to include realteck r8125 ethernet driver which most newer x570 board used. Here is driver link: [05.08.2019] Realtek PCIe FE / GbE / 2.5GbE Family Controller Updated
  8. This is why I'm switch from vmxnet3 to e1000. VirtIO-NET or dedilicate nic passthrough maybe a good choice.
  9. @Zer0Nin3r I have similar problem before,but lagness dismissed after I got a metal support/enabled graphics.Or you should not passthrough the graphics at all.
  10. No, we do not have much options to map memory slots. To use virtio net, you have to do two thing: 1. hotplug virtio ethernet instead of predefined 2. boot args with debug=0x100 and keepsyms=1
  11. Which graphics do you use?Do you use HDMI instead of DP?HDMI do not work with 4k@60hz but DP does.
  12. 1. make sure the video and audio are in same bus as I mentioned a few page ago 2. select 'Fix DTGP' and 'Fix display' in clover 3. select 'AMD RXxx blackscreen patch' in clover 4. use iMacPro1,1 instead of iMac17,1 because you don't have iGPU or use my clover qcow2 file I post