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  1. Metal support works without Lilu when using RX480. Lilu/WEG fixes lots of things like DP black screen when using DP, add h264/hevc hardware accerlation and etc. No, the topology still works, but the packages is wrong, maybe just cosmic.You can see the hyperthreading recognization is correct in some app monitoring and gain a little performance improved.(The MacOS use the real core as many as possible instead treat the hyperthreading core as a real core).
  2. It may related to wrong CPU frequency or busratio. Use opencore instead to see if it works(Opencore read the freq/busratio correctly)
  3. The kernel patch is still needed in hackintosh VM. The wrong process number is about the thing I mentioned before, we should use some other patches to make it work by digging the xnu source code but I don't have much time recently. The same for me. I can't use my keyboard during Opencore booting procedure.
  4. Not only AMD/Ryzen, but also Intels in a VM. You can find the latest patch from AMD_Vanilla. The behaviors in a VM is quite similar with AMD Vanilla, some patches is useful for us too(like we have wrong CPU package number when passthrough with topology). I'm trying to get understand of those patches to find out which works for a VM. <algrey - cpu_topology_sort -disable _x86_validate_topology>: remove the topology check to get our QEMU/Libvirt topology work. <algrey - cpuid_set_cache_info - don't set cpuid_cores_per_package>: This seems needed by us too, we get wrong "packages count" if we set topology/passthrough of the cpu.But it may need some other patches. <algrey - cpuid_set_generic_info - disable check to allow leaf7>: use this patch you can get enhancement features(avx2, fmi and etc) works too for using Penryn I don't recommand to use InjectAllUSB.kext, using XHC USB Kext Creation Guideline instead like I did. You can get a USBPorts.kext anywhere without InjectAllUSB.kext. Is the handoff working with USB Wifi? I switched the onboard M.2 Wifi to get my handoff work. I don't want to use my only one pcie-1x to be a wifi card because I want to insert a USB controller card too. So if usb wifi works well with handoff, I'll give it a try.
  5. Yeah, if it loaded with some kUSBPower attributes then you don't need the kext. The USBPower.kext only works in catalina for those have problem with usb power such as phone/iphone charging(you can find some usb power errors in your log), you don't need UIAC SSDT or USBX.kext(but it seems that your controller works OOB) . And the USBPorts.kext is the mapping for my X570 onboard USB, you have to make it for your own.May be cosmic maybe not, I'm not quite sure now.
  6. I just replaced my onboard wifi AX200 with broadcom 1820a and finnally got airdrop working.I don't see handoff and sidecar is working so maybe some work should be done.
  7. I don't like SSDT as in a vm the device path may change somehow. It is safe to use USB Port Mapping kext like I post.
  8. I don't know, I don't have third party cards. But it is safe to put the kext in your folder in case something wrong. Yeah, I'm not upgrading since 10.15.0 because everything is stable for me now. Here is the USBPower kext and the Ports mapping kext (for my MSI X570 Ace). USBPower.kextUSBPorts.kext
  9. There definately something should be done for proper functionality, otherwise you will get power issues(AppleBusPowerController). I use USBPower.kext in Catalina to fix the usb power and error log issues. https://www.tonymacx86.com/threads/guide-usb-power-property-injection-for-sierra-and-later.222266/
  10. Kernel update: * build for 6.8.0rc5 with 5.3.8 * add navi-reset.patch * add vega-reset.patch * add pci-reset-quirk.patch to thoes who can't do bios update
  11. @Young_MaxCompress and upload your clover.qcow2, let me have a look.
  12. It's not useless, add it back.You don't have much knowledge whether the specific kext is work, so do it. Add this patch in your clover and add '-v keepsyms=1 debug=0x100' in your boot args and report the output back.Then screenshot you post is useless for debuging. Comment String <-> Disable panic kext logging on 10.14.x,10.15.x Release kernel Disabled Boolean <->No Find Data<-> 8A0284C0 7447 MatchOS String <-> 10.14.x,10.15.x Replace Data<-> 8A0284C0 EB47
  13. We can not give much help if you give nothing but only "it restarts all the time". You have to learn how to asking for help by giving meaningful feedback first. Which version of Catalina do you use?10.15 or 10.15.1? Do you add "-v" and "debug=0x100" in your boot args?What is the output? Which version of Lilu/WEG do you use? What error is it?Screenshot is also fine. What is your xml like? What is your clover.qcow2 structuration? You may try to do some research or reading by comments of the older installer guide, then you will find it is not a big problem by changing the resolution of clover and OVMF.Please search the keyword in Google to see how to do such thing.
  14. @Young_Max You should use iMacPro1,1 as product model, and add Lilu/WEG to your clover/kexts/others to avoid blackscreen. If you use Catalina, add AppleMCEReporterDisabler.kext too. Do not use imac18/19, because you don't have iGPU.