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  1. Virtio is a old version of virtio-net but work better (more speed on w10 and big sur), I m happy with it, the speed limit is my ssd Edit : For precision, I get 550MB speed, more than 1Gb (e1000). Very very fast, thank again all for the tips of virtio-net / virtio
  2. Oh little slow Guest -> Host. For me, 112MB Write / 300MB Read. I get 350MB Write/Read in VM W10.. I try change my MTU from 9000 (Unraid) to 1500 (like virtuo-net on macOS) Edit : After little change, I get 650MB/650MB on .. my V10 VM (virtio > virtio-net :D) Edit 2 : Switch from virtue-net to virtio : 500MB/850MB on my BigSur VM
  3. Hi @Ghost82, What speed do you have with virtuo-net ? I get 110Mb write and 300Mb read speed.
  4. Pour accéder aux container, il y a aussi Nginx Proxy Manager qui permet d avoir une UI. Par contre, pas de fail2ban
  5. I've same problem with my real MacBook and my real MacBook Pro ...
  6. Thank for this tips but I think, it s don t correct my kernel panic with my UC5G1T
  7. Il faudrait presque comme Syno la partition Unraid en clone sur chaque disque dur sur une mini partition de 1Gb
  8. Pour ma part, j'ai eu le cas sur certaines VM lié à l'option discard='unmap', je ne l'explique pas mais ça m'a fait crasher quelques VM et parfois Unraid
  9. I use a usb->rj45 for lan and wifi/blutooth from Apple with a pcie card adaptater
  10. Don t have this problem , i show my unraid share and my two xpenology
  11. Yep QNA-UC5G1T with AQC111U. With MacOS (MacBookPro (2019) / MacBook (2015) / Hackintosh), computer (or VM) reboot when I transfer file (random reboot ...). I think it's kernel panic but without log. Problem with native drivers (Catalina / Big Sur), pacific.kext from Marvell and Drivers from Sonnet. I try another UC5G1T and same problem. Adapter work great on Windows .. WMXNET3 work but ... 45MB UP / DOWN for me
  12. A oui je n avais pas compris, effectivement tu peux laisser en auto
  13. Hum ok, I think I don't need, I use value='IvyBridge' with my Ryzen 2700x. With patch For AMD, I get bad performance versus ivybridge .. @ghost82 Do you Try VMXNET3 with Big Sur ? My QNAP 5Gb work !! 300MB to unraid but it's not the best configuration I think (Unraid 10Gb to switch to BigSur (Unraid VM) with 5Gb ,, :D) Erratum, crash again with my Qnap, very bad driver
  14. Same, work great I don't understand SecureBootModel = Default, I don t have it with my Catalina VM, I had it for Big Sur and .. no boot lol Remove and lets go all work