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  1. @ich777 First of all.... very impressive container. Does this also update Qemu versions? The latest Qemu version is 6.0.0 rc4 but I am only seeing Qemu 5.1.
  2. Good news, no more AMD reset bug with RX 6xxx XT series GPUs in macOS 11.4 beta 1 on UnRAID.
  3. Nested virtualization that uses macOS's native hypervisor will not work with AMD cpus, because macOS doesn't support the AMD-V (SVM) cpu feature that AMD cpus have. MacOS's native hypervisor only support Intel's vmx CPU feature.
  4. Because virtualbox provides its own hypervisor cpu instruction set. I was talking about macOS's native hypervisor. Until someone writes a kernel extension to add AMD-V (SVM) support to the kernel and the hypervisor framework for macOS, anything that uses the native macOS hypervisor will not work.
  5. This will never work because macOS kernel nor the hypervisor for macOS support AMD-V (SVM) cpu feature. Basically put, anything that uses macOS's hypervisor requires Intel's vmx cpu feature.
  6. Anyway to get this added to Unraid?
  7. Disable SIP for Big Sur is FF0F0000 value and you can boot recovery if you enable JumpstartHotPlug under UEFI > APFS, but only use it to boot the Recovery, not normal boot.
  8. Why use a qcow? Why not just a USB drive like normal and either passthrough the USB Controller or pass it through as a USB device.
  9. Well anyways here is the xml I used for Unraid
  10. grrr for some reason the code block is taking out what needs to be posted.
  11. You can use the following addition to the xml and have no need for FakeSMC or VirtualSMC. <qemu:commandline> <qemu:arg value='-device'/> <qemu:arg value='isa-applesmc,osk="************************"'/> </qemu:commandline>