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  1. Try this plugin. it woked to me: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DanITman/unraid-nvidia-vgpu-driver/master/nvidia-vgpu-driver.plg
  2. This fork worked to me: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DanITman/unraid-nvidia-vgpu-driver/master/nvidia-vgpu-driver.plg
  3. So you are saying that we should not trust on the Unraid's top banner telling us to "update" the system because it can be a Malware?! This is a joke, right?
  4. Sorry... This is not true. The release notes shown on web-gui is this one: And again... I do not think that it is wise to not put such an important note, that the release MOST PROBABLY will break your eth connection, in the release notes that 99% of the users will read.... I do not have more time for you. I'm just trying to alert other users about this BAD RELEASE VERSION! But unfortunately, most of the users are not ADVANCED users that always read all the forum posts before clicking on the top button suggested by their Unraid web-gui interface to update to this BAD RELEASE.
  5. I read the changelog.... and there is nothing there saying that your Network cards will not work anymore
  6. Anything that do not work as a "single update click" button, should not be offered in the web-gui to the final users, am I wrong? Or are you saying that Unraid is only for Advanced Users that reads the 1st forum post before click in the button that shows in their web-gui interface?
  7. What has an issue is this VERSION, that do not work for most of the users as far I can see here Please, do a better work next time.
  8. How is possible a company like Unraid, where everyone trust to buy a license of use and store their data, relase such BAD RELEASE?!?!?! I do not have problems with my CAPS! I'm just cannot believe that UNRAID can create such mess with their users!!! HOW DO I ROLLBACK THIS UPDATE?!? Can some one from real support let me know clear how to do this?!?!?!??!
  10. It seems that the network cards are not recognized anymore!!! THIS UPDATE IS NOT GOOD!!!! STOP! DO NOT UPDATE!!!
  11. I just updated to the latest version 6.10.2 and now the web interface is not coming back! No issues in the screen, but CPU is always close to 0% of usage! I do not recommend the update until others have success as well, or at least until it proves that the update is safe to be done!
  12. Hello fellows! I kinda regret setting up 3 cycles of the Preclear, given the time that it took to clear a 14TB disk. Can I just cancel the process when the 2nd cycle starts? What could happen if I cancel the process, let's say, during Step 1? Thanks!
  13. Did it work as expected? I'm on the same boat... I need to replace my cache disk to a larger one.