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Asus XG-C100C / Aquantia AQC107 stop working after case switch


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Hi guys,

i have changed my case SC-N400 to a Node 304 and my Asus card stopped working.
All i have done is switched all the hardware into a new case and connected all parts.
The only difference is that i don't have a sata controller in this case anymore, thats why i am using an extra cable to power the hard drives and the chassis fans. My motherboard is an ASUS Q170T


The Asus card is being recognized because i see my nas listed in the connected devices in my router settings also i see an ip in the GUI of Unraid. It's strange tho, that the led lights next to the port are only flashing during boot for 5-10 seconds and then they turn off.

The Asus card is connected to a m.2 > pcie adapter because the motherboard doesn't have a pcie slot.


I have tried different settings and also been searching for solutions, but nothing helped and i don't really know what to do now.

This Asus card has been working flawlessly for almost 2 years.


Maybe the issue has nothing to do with Unraid, because plugged in a Ubuntu Live Flash Drive to see if the card is work, but it happened the same thing.


Diagnostics file is attached.


Thank you in advance!


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